Daughter of the Pirate King and Daughter of the Siren Queen

I need to get better at this whole writing reviews from home thing- the way I’ve done this so far is that I’ve written my reviews at work in between meetings and other work, and that definitely doesn’t seem to be super sustainable. Other book bloggers- when do you write up your posts? Is it something that you do while you’re reading/right after you’ve finished a book or do you write a bunch of blogs at once, or something totally different? Is there some sort of best practice for this? Maybe I just need to read a little less and write a little more…


Daughter of the Pirate King 3.5 stars 3.5/5 stars

Daughter of the SirenQueen 4 star 4/5 stars


I finished reading Daughter of the Pirate King and Daughter of the Siren Queen about a week ago, and I’m so glad I finally read them! They were such fun, cute reads and I really enjoyed how easy Tricia Levenseller’s writing was- did y’all see that she’s writing a new book about Vikings that’s set to come out in 2019? So much excitement!


Daughter of the Pirate King introduces us to Alosa, the actual daughter of the pirate king. At the very beginning of the book, she gets captured by another pirate set of pirates, but then we find out that getting captured was her plan (so devious). I thought the beginning of the book was a little silly, but the middle/end of the book after Alosa’s secret is revealed was so much better/more interesting!


In Daughter of the Siren Queen, Alosa and the Ava-Lee have found the last piece of the map to the island of the sirens, but before setting of for the island, Alosa finds out a secret that turns her world upside down- instead of having been abandoned by her mother, Alosa’s mother has been kept prisoner by her father! Alosa frees her mother and then suffers another blow- her mother, who she just rescued, mind you, jumps off of her ship and actually abandons her and her crew to the wrath of her father, the pirate king.


Overall, I thought that these books were super fun! I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a break from the more serious YA fantasy novels (like War Storm). I loved all of the characters and the whole crew of the Ava-Lee!


Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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