We’ll Never Be Royals

Man, for some reason, weekends always kill me. I always have so many things to do, and I tell myself that I’m going to be super productive, but then I never actually get anything done! And then, of course, on weekdays after work and working out (you know, trying to be healthy and all that jazz…), I never have any motivation to get any of the things on my to do list done (like taking bookstagram pictures or writing up book blogs, or heck, even getting more reading done!).

I think one of the reasons that it’s so hard for me to get things done on weekends is that I always write my blog posts on my work computer, and I HATE opening my work computer up on weekends (or even after work on weekdays). I think that’s a sign I need to go ahead and buy myself a new personal laptop. The one I have right now is from back in 2011 when I started college and it won’t even turn on unless it’s connected to the charger and even then it’s so slow! I don’t really want to spend like $2k on a new laptop though (I only want a new macbook pro, so that’s why it’s going to be so expensive)- I’m trying to buy a house in the next year/ year and a half (#adulting) and spending $2k that I could be saving up for a down payment or for furniture is definitely not something I really want to do.

But enough about life/adult issues- time to talk about books! I’m super behind on writing reviews. I still need to write one for War Storm, One Dark Throne, Furyborn, Legendary, and Sky in the Deep, but today, I’m going to write about Royals by Rachel Hawkins. I’m a huge sucker for cute romances (but mainly only in the summer- I like more serious/heavy books in the fall/winter) and Royals was no different.

Royals 4 star 4/5 Stars

Daisy Winters is a normal 16 year old, well as normal as one can be with bright red hair (like Ariel from the Little Mermaid) and, you know, a sister who is about to marry the prince of Scotland. After the engagement, and some terrible publicity for the royal family because Daisy’s jerk of an ex-boyfriend, Daisy gets shipped off to spend the summer in Scotland where the royal family’s image consultant can keep an eye on her and… minimize the damage.

While in Scotland, not only is Daisy supposed to attend all sorts of upper class functions, she’s pretty much supposed to become an all together new person to do that. She’s supposed to become… normal and refined! That becomes even harder when Prince Alex’s (Daisy’s future brother in law) little brother Prince Sebastian and his crew of mischief makers come onto the scene. Prince Sebastian is not at all what Daisy expected. He’s rude, and honestly, kinda gross. His friend Miles on the other hand is definitely swoon-worthy. It’s time for Daisy to make the most of her royal summer in Scotland (and hopefully not destroy her sister’s relationship in the process)!

Overall, I really liked Royals! Was it realistic? Absolutely not, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a super fun read! I understand why some people on Goodreads really didn’t enjoy it- none of the Scottish elements really 100% made sense and the names were very Americanized, but the story itself was super cute. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a fun, quick, and easy read!

Have you read Royals yet? What did you think about it?

What review should I write next? War Storm, One Dark Throne, Furyborn, Legendary, or Sky in the Deep?

4 thoughts on “We’ll Never Be Royals

    • Thanks for you vote for Sky in the Deep to be my next review! I’ve already written a draft of a review for Legendary by Stephanie Garber, so that’ll probably go up on Thursday, so check back on Saturday for a review of Sky in the Deep! I’m writing it right now 🙂


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