4 Reasons Why Legendary by Stephanie Garber NEEDS to be Your Next Read

OMG Legendary is one of my top favorite books this year and I just can’t get over it! I really liked Caraval, but Legendary is next level.

Legendary 5 star 5/5 Stars

Here are the top 4 reasons why you absolutely HAVE TO read Legendary ASAP!

1) The Fates– I’ve read lots of books where the fates/fate plays a pretty integral part of the story, but this is the first one that I’ve read where the Fates are tied in with Tarot Cards. I’m a sucker for Tarot Cards- I think card reading and fortune telling is really cool and so much fun (even if it isn’t real at all). Seeing them tied together the way they were was a fun new twist.

2) Dante– Ah Dante, my love. Even though he didn’t really come off as an amazing character in the first book (and he definitely had his faults in the second book), I still really loved Dante in this book. He was funny at points, sweet at other points, and a giant douchebag at times. The interplay between him and Tella was really well written. It was always fun to have a wild Dante appear (Pokémon reference, anyone?) at any given point in time.

3) All the secrets– Do you like books with secrets? Where no one is telling everyone else everything? Well, let me tell you, EVERYONE in Legendary is keeping all the secrets. Everyone is keeping so many secrets, and having them come together at the end was great. And speaking of the end…

4) THAT ENDING– Holy crap that ending. Did I kind of see part of it coming? Yeah, but I definitely didn’t imagine that ending to really end up being what it was. Now, I really want Finale to be in my greedy little fingers ASAP (rather than, you know, May 28th of 2019).

Have you read Legendary yet? Were you as excited about it as I was???

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