All the Vikings, All the Time

Thank you so much to  nicolinesimone at for commenting on my post about Royals and voting for my next book review to be on Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young! Since I had already written a post about Legendary, I posted that one first, but I got started on my review for Sky in the Deep as soon as I saw the comment!

Sky in the Deep is one of those books that I’ve been looking forward to for a really long time. I first heard about it before yallfest last year, so probably late October or Early November of 2017. It was one of those arc drops that I couldn’t miss at yallfest, so I made sure that my friend Bee and I had built it into our schedules. I started reading it in December, but then I had like a rolling group of like 4 library books that always ended up having to take precedence over my arc for Sky in the Deep because, you know, due dates etc. Once it came out, I was able to actually read it by listening to an audiobook while driving to and from work. My total commute is only about an hour, so it’s not too bad, and listening to an audiobook while driving is one of my favorite things about having to commute to and from the office everyday!

As an aside, one thing I’ve learned about myself in the past few weeks of writing reviews is that I am REALLY bad at writing book summaries! I feel like I know exactly what’s going on it the book, so I get to writing, and then I get too distracted by little details and my summaries end up sounding pretty terrible… so if that happens here, definitely go check out the real summary for Sky in the Deep on Goodreads.

Sky in the Deep 4 star 4/5 Stars

This book deals with two rival Viking clans- the Aska (the clan from which our main character Eelyn is from) and the Riki. Eelyn seems to be your normal Viking, doing normal Viking things like fighting her clan’s mortal enemies alongside her best friend. During the Aska and Riki’s normal fighting season, Eelyn sees something she can’t believe- her brother who has been dead for the past 5 years! Eelyn follows her brother (you know, just to make sure he’s not a ghost or something), and ends up being captured by the Riki. Now, Eelyn is a prisoner/servant in the house and tribe that her brother (who is- spoiler alert- actually alive!) is now a part of. Eelyn needs to escape, as soon as possible, so she can get back to her village, but somewhere along the way, she starts seeing the similarities between the Aska and the Riki. And then, she starts seeing the Riki as real people and not just as “the enemy.” Then, tragedy strikes both the Riki and the Aska and they have to see whether they can work together or have both of their clans wiped out.

When I started this book, like right at the beginning, I was a little worried that it was going to be one of those super hyped books that I ended up not liking, but like maybe 30 minutes into the audiobook, I changed my mind. I started actually connecting with the characters and I couldn’t stop listening! This was my first ever book about Vikings and now, let’s be real, I want all of the Viking books! The one thing I had a little bit of an issue with is the romance in this book. At some points, the only thing I could think of is Stockholm Syndrome…

Have y’all read Sky in the Deep? Did y’all like it?

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