August Wrap Up

Well, another month has ended, and will you look at that, I was only able to write one review this month, and that was for a book I read in July. I really need to get better at finding time around work, barre class, and reading to, you know, write some reviews!

This month, I had 11 books on my TBR (you can see my list here). I read 12 books this month, and 8 of them were from my TBR! That’s way better than I normally am about TBR lists that I’ve created!

I read:

Never Fade

Bright we Burn

The Emerald Sea


Smoke in the Sun

In the Afterlight

The Cheerleaders

Dance of Thieves

The Darkest Legacy

Shadow and Bone

Siege and Storm

Ink and Bone

I really enjoyed most of the books I read this month! The only book that I had a little bit of a hard time with was the Emerald Sea, and that’s because I was never a huge fan of Tamsin, so it was really hard to read things from her perspective. I loved the last 150 pages of that book though, so it definitely wasn’t a complete loss! I am a little sad that we’re done with the Glittering Court books now- but hopefully this means that Richelle Mead is going to go back to the world of Vampire Academy!

What all did y’all read this month? Anything spectacular? Anything that disappointed you a little?


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