Review: the Emerald Sea by Richelle Mead

I love Richelle Mead. I’ve read so many of her books (I’ve read all of the Georgina Kincaid books, all of the Vampire Academy books, all of the Bloodlines books, all of the Dark Swan books, all of the Glittering Court books, and I own (but haven’t read… yet) the Age of X books) and I’m a big fan of her writing!

The Emerald Sea 3.5 stars 3.5/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads: Meet Tamsin, the Glittering Court’s hard-angled emerald. Her outsized aspirations make her a fierce competitor, rising to the top of the ranks. But when the ship she boards for the New World is tragically lost at sea, she is quite literally thrown off-course.

I loved the first two Glittering Court books- I loved the narrators- Mira and Adelaide were such interesting characters and reading from their points of view was so fun. I was really nervous about reading the Emerald Sea because Tamsin is the main character and I really disliked her in both the Glittering Court and Midnight Jewel, and honestly, I feel like I was right to be nervous. I read the first 150 or so pages, and really was not a fan, so I skipped forward to the last like 150 pages (skipping the middle 170 or so pages). This last section was so great and I didn’t really feel like I missed out on anything by missing the middle of Tamsin’s story. I’m sure there were some big plot points in there, and Tamsin felt like a very different character by the end, so I know I missed some character development, but all in all, I really enjoyed the last 1/3 of the book. It felt like I was finally reading a Richelle Mead book.

Overall, I think if you’ve read the first two Glittering Court books, you’re going to want to read the Emerald Sea- don’t expect it to follow the same kind of pacing as the other two books though. The end definitely makes up for the middle.

Have you read the Emerald Sea? Do you agree/disagree with my opinions? Leave me a commend and let me know what you thought!

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