Hurricane Florence Reading Updates

Hurricane Florence was a very… interesting storm. She moved super slowly and thankfully, she didn’t impact us in Chapel Hill nearly as much as she could. We got a few inches of rain and a little bit of wind. The coast and other parts of NC look really bad, so I’m definitely thinking of them and all of the damage that has been done to some of my favorite parts of the state.

Updates on reading- since the storm didn’t hit us as hard as we were expecting, we didn’t lose power at all, so I had to do real work all day Thursday and Friday, which meant no real reading time then. With that, I was only able to finish 3 books this weekend: Two Dark Reigns, Seafire, and Save the Date.

I loved Two Dark Reigns and Save the Date, so definitely be on the lookout for those reviews coming soon. Seafire was good too, don’t get me wrong, but that review might take a little longer than the other two haha

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