September TBR Update

Hi friends! Can you believe that it’s already October?! This year is just zooming by! September was a rather successful reading month- in that I read 12 books! My goal was to read 15, so I definitely read less than I wanted to, but it’s more than I read in August, so progress!

Here are the books I was going to read in September: Dawn of Legends, The Queen’s Rising, Two Dark Reigns, The Traitor’s Ruin, Of PoseidonOf Triton, Batman Nightwalker, Seafire, Save the Date, The Raging Ones, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, The Girl in the Tower, and Not if I Save you First. 

Here are the books I actually finished in September: Ruin and Rising, Dawn of Legends, The Queen’s Rising, The Traitor’s Ruin, Not if I Save you First, Two Dark Reigns, Seafire, Save the Date, Imposters, The Girl in the Tower, Rule, and Wayfarer. 

I really need to get to my Throne of Glass reread before October 23, but we’ll see what actually ends up happening…

How did you do book wise in September?

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