Three Reasons Why Kingdom of Ash Leads to the Ultimate Book Hangover

So I’m normally one of those people who can ready anything at anytime. I generally have between 3 and 8 books going at any given time and I can pick them up whenever and be super engrossed in them. If I’m not reading a book or if I don’t have at least one book ready to be picked up, there’s something wrong. This generally means that I don’t really have reading slumps and I don’t normally get book hangovers, but Kingdom of Ash changed that for me.

I’ve read pretty much all of Sarah J. Maas’s books (I’m in the middle of Catwoman: Soulstealer right now), and while her books are always so good and have so many great plot points and so much emotion, I’m normally able to finish the book, spend a few minutes processing it, and then pick up another book and go to town on it, but that was not the case with Kingdom of Ash and here’s three reasons for why I think that is. (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD) 

The deaths With a book this large and a series this long, there are definitely going to have to be some major deaths, especially since the only major deaths that happened before Kingdom of Ash were ones that I didn’t really care about. The two big deaths that pretty much killed me [AGAIN SPOILER ALERT] were Gavriel and the Thirteen (and I know the Thirteen were more than one death, but I’m categorizing them as one). Both times I had to take a break after the deaths happened to catch my breath, control my emotions, and remind myself that this is just a book. After going through so much with these deaths, I guess this could be the major reason for my book hangover. 

The baby OK please tell me that I wasn’t the only one who was like WTF at Yrene and Chaol getting pregnant in the beginning of the book? I mean, yes they’re married, yes they’re in love, of course they should have a child if they want one, but like, why did they have to get pregnant at the beginning of the climax of such an intense war??? With Yrene being a healer, why couldn’t they have been taking tonics or something? What even was the point of that pregnancy??? This is less of a book hangover reason, and more of a sticking point that I have with the plot. And let’s be real, if SJM can do this here, what’s to say any other author won’t put in a random piece of the plot like this?

The ending So the ending was happy, and every thing seemed resolved and there’s no reason for me to be unhappy about the ending- but I am. 99.9% it’s because this series is over and I’m not going to be able to experience it the same way ever again and that makes me so sad! This is 100% the main reason I was in a book hangover for the week/ week and a half after I read Kingdom of Ash.

Did I get over that book hangover? Yes, for sure- and I did that by reading a book that was super different from Kingdom of Ash (it was Light Years by Kass Morgan, in case you were wondering). Now that I’ve experienced my first ever book hangover, I NEVER want to do that again. Do y’all have any tips/tricks for getting over a book hangover? Let me know in the comments if you do!

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