Mid March Update and HARRY POTTER WORLD

Ahhh the clocks have changed (ugh spring forward is the baneof my existence) and it’s now officially spring, which means allergies and warmweather- what a joy.

Since it’s almost the middle of March, I figured that it’stime to give y’all an update on my March TBR. As a reminder, here are the books I was planning on reading in March:

Wicked Saints

King of Fools

Storm and Fury

Dark Shores

These Rebel Waves

We Hunt the Flame


We Rule the Night

Of those, I’ve finished Wicked Saints and Enchantee and I’mcurrently in progress on King of Fools and These Rebel Waves. I’ve also startedthe Everlasting Rose, which isn’t on this list, so we’re probably going to haveto take one of the books off of the list (and, you know, I need to get toreading more books, because I’m reading super slowly at the moment…)

AND now- onto the good stuff! For those of you who don’tknow, I went to Harry Potter World earlier this month and ahhhhh it wasamazing!!! I had been to Hogsmeade back in 2010 and it was shiny and new andamazing then. This was my first time going to Diagon Alley and it was so cool!The attention to detail was crazy. The shops were so intricate and welldesigned and the Gringots ride was so, so cool! 10/10 would go again for sure!

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