ARC Review: Nameless Queen by Rebecca MgLaughlin

Thank you to Crown Books for Young Readers and NetGalley for letting me read a copy of Nameless Queen early. I hadn’t heard much about the book before reading it, but the cover looked really promising and I thought the synopsis was cool, so I was intrigued. Unfortunately, the book wasn’t my favorite.

Nameless Queen 3/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads: One girl must make a name for herself–or die trying –in this royal fantasy where an unknown peasant becomes the ultimate ruler. But how long can she keep the crown if everyone wants her dead? Perfect for fans of Furyborn, Red Queen, and Everless.

Everyone expected the king’s daughter would inherit the throne. No one expected me.

It shouldn’t even be possible. I’m Nameless, a class of citizens so disrespected, we don’t even get names. Heck, dozens of us have been going missing for months and no one seems to care.

But there’s no denying the tattoo emblazoned on my arm. I am queen. In a palace where the corridors are more dangerous the streets, though, how could I possibly rule? And what will become of the Nameless if I don’t?

So I loved Furyborn, Red Queen, and Everless, so I definitely thought I would really enjoy Nameless Queen. The premise was there and there was a lot of promise in the story, but, unfortunately, for me, the execution was lacking. I couldn’t connect with Coin, our main character, at all. I also was not a fan of how it did not seem as though Coin had to struggle to do anything at all within the book, so there was no growth for her as a character. She was super flat and one-dimensional. I couldn’t even really get into any of the side characters. I think some people could overlook the character issues and like the book because the plot and the premise were interesting, but this definitely wasn’t the book for me.