The Claires Unboxing

Thank you so much to Wunderkind PR for sending me a box of goodies based on the book the Claires which is a companion novel for the Ascenders series. Not only does the book look super interesting, but I loved everything in the box! So let’s get on with the unboxing pictures!

img_5443Here’s my first real picture with the box- my dog Laddoo wanted to get in on the unboxing efforts!







img_5445img_5448Ahhhh we can see the book! img_5450img_5449 Here are our two main items minus the book- a witch’s bottle to put all of my fears and doubts in and cork them away so they’ll be gone and an amazing eucalyptus mint candle. img_5451 and here’s the full box! We’ve got the book, which I’m super excited to read and I’ll definitely be reviewing it for y’all as soon as I’m finished with it, our amazing smelling candle, the cute witch’s bottle, and a cute quiz based on the Claires!

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