Weekend Reads- February 21-23

So I haven’t finished a book all week, which is kinda weird for me. I want to say that it’s because I’ve been busy, but the only other things I’ve done this week have been watch TV (I rediscovered my love for nature shows haha), go on a first date with this great guy from a dating app (and ok sure, that took up a pretty decent amount of time on Tuesday and then I have been texting him a good amount since then), go to a workout class on Wednesday night (and my instructor killed me, so my arms are still kinda jelly today, which sucks, because I’m going to another workout class at noon and I’m not sure how I’m going to do any of the pushups I’m sure Amanda is going to want us to do), and work (which let’s be real, takes up too much of my time anyway), which I guess, now that I write it all out, seems like a lot…

I’m doubling down this weekend though and I’m going to finish at least 2 books (hopefully 3) and these are the ones that I’ve decided to finish (and why I’m going to finish them):

Havenfall- I’m almost halfway done with this book, which means if I put in a couple of hours of good (mostly) uninterrupted reading, I should be done and ready to review it before the end of the weekend! Woop woop!

The Claires- I’m not nearly as far as I wanted to be in this book and I’m having a hard time getting really into it, but I committed to getting it done, so I just need to sit down and get to it- I feel like this is going to be one of those books that I’m going to like once I really get into the plot and right now, we’re still in the set up. I should hopefully have a review up for this one next week (if I get done with it this weekend…)

If I’m able to finish both of those books and I’m still in a reading mood, I think the third book I’m going to push to finish this weekend will probably be Chosen. I’m about 1/3 of the way done with it and I’m really liking it, so I think it’ll definitely be an easy finish, as long as I find time to read!

What are y’all reading this weekend?

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