Blog Tour: She’s Faking It by Kristin Rockaway

Hello summer! Can y’all believe that’s it’s almost July?! Man, we are in the thick of things now- ice cream and humidity, mosquitos and afternoon thunderstorms- everything a modified, coronavirus protected summer has/needs! One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to read on the couch or on the back porch if I can’t be at the beach and that’s one of the things I did with She’s Faking It!

Thank you so much to Harlequin/Harper Collins for inviting me to be a part of the blog tour for this book and giving me a free copy of the book to read early! It’s even more exciting because it comes out today, so y’all should go check it out right after reading my review 😉

She’s Faking It 4/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads: You can’t put a filter on reality.
Bree Bozeman isn’t exactly pursuing the life of her dreams. Then again, she isn’t too sure what those dreams are. After dropping out of college, she’s living a pretty chill life in the surf community of Pacific Beach, San Diego…if “chill” means delivering food as a GrubGetter, and if it means “uneventful”.
But when Bree starts a new Instagram account — @breebythesea — one of her posts gets a signal boost from none other than wildly popular self-help guru Demi DiPalma, owner of a lifestyle brand empire. Suddenly, Bree just might be a rising star in the world of Instagram influencing. Is this the direction her life has been lacking? It’s not a career choice she’d ever seriously considered, but maybe it’s a sign from the universe. After all, Demi’s the real deal… right?
Everything is lining up for Bree: life goals, career, and even a blossoming romance with the chiseled guy next door, surf star Trey Cantu. But things are about to go sideways fast, and even the perfect filter’s not gonna fix it. Instagram might be free, but when your life looks flawless on camera, what’s the cost?

I thought this book was super interesting! My undergrad degree is in new media and within new media, I mainly focused on social media, so I always take anything an “influencer” posts on Instagram with a grain of salt, because I studied how that works. I also work in marketing, so I know all about influencer relations, BUT I’ve never read anything about the influencer side and it was super interesting to see how someone like Bree would get started and how many people are drawn into the world of quick fixes and “self help gurus” who promise success for $99.95. I also loved how there was the aspect of Bree and Natasha’s bond as sisters and how that grew stronger as the book progressed, first through them doing Demi DiPalma’s steps and methods and then just through hanging out. I loved how much they grew as characters and siblings and man, that’s what I want to see in books! Rob was trash (and that’s all I have to say about him) and Trey, while he seemed sweet and was supposed to be the great romance in the book seemed lacking and I didn’t actually like him as much as I liked Bree’s friendship with Mari and her relationship with her sister (and her general growth as a person)- when y’all read She’s Faking It, let me know what you think about the Bree and Trey situationship. Overall, this was a super fun, great summer read, and I for sure think y’all should pick it up too!

Now that you’ve read all about it, here’s your chance to go buy it yourself! Here are links to where you can get it-  HarlequinAmazonApple BooksBarnes & NobleBooks-A-MillionGoogle Play |IndieBoundKobo

Also, be sure to connect with Kristin on her website,, or one of her social channels! Facebook: /KristinRockaway, Twitter: @KristinRockaway, and Instagram: @KristinRockway

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