My favorite 2020 reads that are set in America

Hey y’all! Happy July 4th! It’s America’s birthday! Even though the US is 244 years old as of today, it sometimes seems as though we’re living through our teenage rebellious years because we don’t seem to be listening to experts/it doesn’t seem like we care that much about the lives of all of our citizens (have you seen the mess we’ve made of our reaction to the Corona virus and the fact that we’re killing Black and brown people at disproportionate rates?) At least it seems as though we’re making some progress, so maybe we’re learning (slowly but surely). I do love being an American though, so I’m celebrating (at home because I fractured a bone in my foot and I’m in a boot, and again, hello global pandemic) and I’m 100% wearing my red, white, and blue today and my dog has his American flag bandana on.

Today, I figured that I’d feature some of my favorite reads this year that were set in the US. I was going through Goodreads to see which books were actually set in the states and not in different world (based on the US or not) or a different country and of the 36 books I’ve read so far this year, 19 of them are set here, so that’s pretty good. It’s 100% because I’ve read so many romance novels this year, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. So here we go:

Rage and Ruin– This is my most recent US based book that I’ve read and OMG I loved so much about it! Not only was it a great book 2 for this series, but now I’m dying for the next book and it doesn’t come out until next summer! How am I supposed to wait that long, especially with that ending??? Read my review of it here.

The Lucky Ones– I reviewed this one too! I really liked how intense the Lucky Ones was and how it dealt with the survivors guilt rather than the shooting itself. And with all the school shootings happening in America, it’s also super timely.

Well Met– Awww I loved this book so much. It was a super cute romance and it made me want to go work in a Renaissance faire for a little while!

Fix Her Up– Another adorable (and 🌶  spicy 🌶 ) romance novel (those peppers are dancing in my mind haha)! Fix Her Up was so good that I read the sequel right away and now I’m anxiously awaiting book 3!

One of Us is Next– Oooo a mystery! I loved One of Us is Lying so much, so reading One of Us is Next was great and I loved seeing some of my favorite characters again! The mystery in this one was amazing too!

What are some of your favorite reads from this year set in the US?


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