What’s on My NetGalley Shelf Today: July 6th

Hey y’all! I’ve gotten approved for a lot of books recently (and of course I grabbed some of those “Read Now” books from Wednesday Books last week) so now I have 10 books on my NetGalley to read shelf, so I figured that it was time to give y’all an update of what’s coming/what I’m going to be reading soon!

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 1.19.17 PMSo here’s a picture of my shelf first- as you can see, I have it sorted by release date, soonest to latest, and that’s most likely the order I’m going to be reading them in. Not included in this picture is one that I’ve already downloaded, which is what I’m going to start this list off with, and I’ll probably (maybe?) be reading that one first, even though it doesn’t come out until next year.



  1. The Gilded Ones– Wow, have y’all seen this cover? It’s BEAUTIFUL. I’m so excited about this book- immortal warriors with rare gifts? Yes please!
  2. Court of Lions– I loved Mirage, so Court of Lions has been high on my list for a longgggg time, so I am the most excited about this one too. (I feel like excitement is going to be a common theme among these)
  3. Where Dreams Descend– I’m part of the Wednesday Books blog tour for this one (my review/post will be out on August 26th!), so be on the lookout for that! The first time I saw anything about this book, it was on Roshani Chokshi’s insta story, and y’all know how much I love Rosh, so I know I’m going to end up loving this book when I read it. Also, this is another one with an amazing cover!
  4. Fable– This is one of the ones I grabbed in the Wednesday Books read now-a-thon! I actually haven’t heard too much about it, so we’ll see how I like it!
  5. Mistletoe and Mr. Right– I read book one (the Tourist Attraction) earlier this year and it was so cute, so I was so excited when my wish for Mistletoe and Mr.Right was granted!
  6. In a Holidaze– I love Christina Lauren books. I’ve read pretty much all of them so far, so I was super excited when my request for In a Holidaze was accepted! Hopefully I like it more than I liked the Honey Don’t List.
  7. Hush– Yesss another Wednesday Books read now-a-thon book! It’s about bards… do I even have to say anything else?
  8. A Golden Fury– This is the last book I grabbed from the Wednesday Books read now-a-thon (because I’ve already read the Silvered Serpents and it was amazing and I couldn’t pick up the 5th book on the list because it’s a sequel and I haven’t read book 1) and oooo baby! It’s about ALCHEMISTS! I haven’t read a good alchemist book in a minute.
  9. Warriors of Wing and Flame– I read book one last year (here’s my review of that) and I enjoyed it, especially where it ended, so I’m really excited to see where book 2 goes!
  10. Ten Rules for Faking It–  I love the Bachelorette and this book seems like a super cute take on it, so I’m all for that. A girl always needs more cute romances in her life.
  11. These Feathered Flames– Eeep this book is described as Three Dark Crowns meets Wicked Saints and I loved both of those books, so I cannot wait to read this one!

Do y’all use NetGalley? What all are y’all reading these days/what do you have queued up?

4 thoughts on “What’s on My NetGalley Shelf Today: July 6th

    • Yes! I’m so excited about that one! I requested it before it got pushed back and somehow got approved, which is the only reason I have it. Hopefully they put it back up on netgalley again closer to the release date so you can get it then!


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