3 Romance Novels to Pick Up Today for an Instant Mood Boost

This year, I’ve read so many more romance novels than any other year in the past and it’s been so great for my mood and happiness (but, man, has it made me feel more single than ever, but that’s another story all together. I’m all over all of the dating apps though, so if y’all ever want to hear about the mess that is my dating life, let me know). Since everyone could use more happiness and romance in their lives, I figured why not give you guys my top 3 romance novels of the year so far! So let’s get at it!

  1. Well Met by Jen DeLuca- Awwww this one was so freaking cute and it made me want to go work in a renaissance faire so badly! I loved Emily and Simon and the way that Emily and her family were so close and there for each other (I’m a sucker for family relationships) and the friends she made. I also loved the small town vibe in this book and how even though Emily seemed kind of lost and wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do (and which one of us hasn’t felt that way, especially in our early to mid twenties), she was able to explore some things she never really thought about doing. Her relationship with Simon was superrrrr cute and I loved watching it progress in the enemies to lovers trope- the best! I can’t wait to read the sequel when it comes out later this year!
  2. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey- I grabbed a copy of Fix Her Up from Target last summer on a whim because it looked like a fun, quick beach read, but I didn’t get to reading it until earlier this year, and man, it was so good! On one hand, I’m kinda glad I waited because then I was able to read book 2 right away without waiting, but on the other hand, I owned such an amazing and cute book for so long and I didn’t read it! But it’s done now, and hoo boy! Not only was the romance within it cute, it was super steamy, very raunchy- definitely not a book you want to read with lots of people around haha I thought Georgie was really funny and a great main character and oooo Travis- I love him. He’s hot as hell and I love the fact that he’s been Georgie’s crush for forever. Just writing about this book makes me want to reread it! Book 2 was really cute too and book 3 comes out later this year, so make sure to check them out if you haven’t read them yet!
  3. The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morganthaler- I wrote a review for this one earlier this year and it was a really fun, easy, cute read that I was more than happy to spend time reading! I liked the story, I liked the characters, I liked the fact that it was in Alaska- what else could you want? Book 2 comes out later this year and I’ve been approved to read and review an ARC of it, so be on the lookout for that review sometime in the next few months!

Have y’all read any of these? Do you have any romance recommendations that you think I should add to my reading list?

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