July Library Holds and Checkouts Update

Hey y’all! I’m so fortunate to live somewhere where there’s an amazing library so close to my house! The Chapel Hill Public Library is less than 5 miles from my house and they have so many physical copies of books and their e-book library through overdrive/Libby is AMAZING as well! It’s definitely made it so much easier for me to read as much as I do- I’ve checked out/read 42 e-books so far this year and 3 physical books and I have 11 books on hold right now (5 physical and 6 e-books) and 8 books checked out (5 physical and 3 e-books). (Also, I know if you follow me on Goodreads, you’re going to notice that it doesn’t have me having read over 42 books yet this year- I’ve actually read 79, but I haven’t been keeping up with putting them all into Goodreads, so I need to make sure to go in and do that at some point soon…)

Here are the books I have on hold right now:

The Worst Best Man– I’ve seen this book all over the place, so I when I saw that the library had an e-book of this, I put a hold on it!

The Happy Ever After Playlist– I really enjoyed the Friend Zone, so I’m super excited to read the Happy Ever After Playlist. This is another e-book hold.

Would Like to Meet– This one looks super cute and I have the e-book on hold!

City of Brass– I’ve wanted to read this one for so long and I keep meaning to buy it or grab it when I’m at the library, so I finally just put a hold on the physical copy of it.

Aurora Burning– I loved Aurora Rising, so I have a hold on the physical copy of this one (because the hold time for the e-book copy was over 6 months!)

In her Sights– I’ve read all of Katie Ruggle’s other books, so I have a hold on the e-book for this one.

All These Monsters– I have been so excited about this book since Amy Tintera first tweeted about it, so when I saw that my library had it on order, I put a hold on the physical copy.

Sisters of Sword and Song– I loved Rebecca Ross’ other books, so I’m very excited about this one! I put a hold on the physical copy that my library has on order as soon as I saw it!

Not that Kind of Guy– I’ve been looking at this e-book at the library for a couple of months now, but I hadn’t put a hold on it until recently because the wait time is over 6 months, but with all of the other books I have to read right now, I’m willing to wait 6 months now haha

Beach Read– I didn’t know too much about this one but I read someone’s review of it on here, and now I’m on hold for the physical copy!

American Royals– Bee loved this book and told me that I have to read it, so as soon as I had an e-book hold open up, I put a hold out on it.

Books Checked out from the library:

Undercover Bromance– I had a physical hold on this one and I went and picked it up last week and I can’t wait to get started!

You Deserve Each Other– I have the physical copy of this one checked out too and I can’t wait to get to it!

Love Lettering– I checked this one out last week.

Handle with Care– I’ve read like every Marie Harte book set in this little microcosm and I’m obsessed with them, so I can’t wait for Handle with Care! I have the e-book checked out.

The Vanishing Deep– I’ve had a physical copy of this one since before the pandemic really started and I’m finally getting into it and it’s so good!

Why Not Tonight– I love Susan Mallery’s books and this one isn’t available as an e-book from my library, so I checked out a physical copy!

Cowboy SEAL Homecoming– This was a random e-book I checked out that looked like it could be interesting. I’m 11 chapters in right now and i’m liking it so far.

Forged in Fire and Stars– This was one I tried to get an e-arc to review via NetGalley but I was declined, so when I saw it was available as an e-book from the library, I grabbed it.

Do y’all use your library? Do you have any books checked out or on hold right now?

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