Blast from the Past Series: 2018 Genres Read

It’s Wednesday again! Woop woop! That means that it’s time for another entry into my Blast from the Past series! Today, we’re going to talk about the types of books I read in 2018.

I feel like I was a little more diverse in my genres read in 2018 than I was in 2017! 

I read 2 romance novels in 2018.

4 adult fantasy

1 Harry Potter, so that’s 7/113. 

Now onto my YA books

7 YA Historical Fiction

3 Contemporary YAs

13 YA Sci-Fi 

That leaves me with 83 YA Fantasy, which isn’t too bad, especially since 11 of those 83 were rereads! 

2018 was A LOT more influenced by bookstagram and book twitter than 2017 was, plus, Bee and I were able to go to Yallfest in both 2017 and 2018, so we got ARCs that I read in 2018 and we were influenced on books that I ended up reading in 2018 (like the Cruel Prince, Defy the Worlds, and Furyborn) at Yallfest too! I won an instagram giveaway for an ARC of one of my favorite reads of 2018 (Mirage), I read an eARC of Give the Dark My Love with Penguin’s First to Read program (RIP), and somehow, I was able to become a part of the Gilded Wolves Street Team, so I got to read the GIlded Wolves early and that made my year for sure! 

Other books that were influenced by bookstagram or book twitter were Light Years- the Novl did such a great job hyping up that book that I had to grab it from my library, the Queen’s Rising- I saw pictures of this cover everywhere, Warcross- Marie Lu for the win, and the Darkest Minds books. 18 books were Bee recommendations this year and like 10 or 12 were random picks from the library. 

How do you normally decide which books to read?

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