Blog Tour: Murder at First Pitch by Nicole Asselin

TOUR BANNERThank you so much to Turn the Page Tours and Pandamoon Publishing for having me as a part of this blog tour! I’ve been getting more and more into cute little mysteries these days (I think they’re officially called cozy mysteries), so this definitely hit the spot there. This book also delved into the world of Independent Baseball Leagues, which was super cool! I didn’t even know that those were a thing! I live pretty close to a Minor League team and I know about the Majors, but nothing about the Independents. Murder at First Pitch came out on 9/4/19, so definitely go grab it!

Check out some of the other stops on the tour here! Also, there’s a giveaway with this tour! Woohoo! Up for grabs during this tour are three digital copies of the book! This giveaway is open to US + INTL and will close on September 9th at 11:59 PM CST. Enter to win via rafflecopter!

Murder at First Pitch 3.5/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads: 32-year-old Madeline Boucher’s Grandfather instilled a love in the Boston Red Sox into her from an early age and increased that love by purchasing a local Independent League Baseball team, the Abington Armadillos.

After losing her corporate job in Boston, Madeline realizes her best option is to join the family baseball business. As the new “Social Media Director” for the team, Madeline attends her first business function and witnesses an argument between her brother Ben, and a strange man.

A few days later when walking the ballpark during her early morning hours, she finds the body of a man beaten to death with a baseball bat in the Visitor’s Dugout. It was the man her brother was arguing with at the party. Madeline is concerned that her brother would be considered a suspect. Through the local Detectives and Davis – the head of security for the ballpark she learns the victim is Christopher Dailey, a local baseball scout and prior felon.

When her brother is arrested and taken to the police station, she realizes she needs to figure out who the real culprit is, so her brother doesn’t take the fall for something she knows he didn’t do.

There were a lot of great aspects to this book, like the mystery and never really knowing what was going to happen next, and that made it a great cute mystery, especially with the hint of romance that was thrown into the book! I loved how tight knit the main family was- familial bonds are so important to me, so reading about other people’s familial bonds always makes me happy! It was also a really quick read, which I loved. I finished it in a couple of hours on the beach- and it was the perfect beach read!

There were a couple of things I wasn’t a huge fan of- the pacing seemed a little off. Some aspects (like the conclusion and the actual apprehending of the villian) seemed a little rushed and the quick taste of romance didn’t seem super well developed, but it didn’t impact the book too too much. One minor, slightly knit-picky thing that mildly annoyed me (but I’m sure won’t annoy anyone else) was how often the author mentioned the main character’s three cats- it felt like every time the cats were mentioned, it was mentioned that there were three. Like I said above though, these things didn’t really impact my enjoyment of the book at all- I definitely think that if you’re looking for a quick, fun mystery or if you’re looking to learn more about baseball, for sure pick up Murder at First Pitch!


Nicole Asselin grew up a Navy Brat, and spent her formative high school years in the middle of Pennsylvania but always identified with her New England roots. Nicole’s family is originally from Connecticut, and her Grandpa Asselin introduced her into the Red Sox nation where she has been a member for her whole life and her Grandma Asselin introduced her to the world of mystery novels. Now those two loves are combined into her new Ballpark Mystery series.

Nicole graduated from Curry College in Milton Mass with a degree in English/Creative Writing, minoring in Dance in 2004. She also attended George Mason University and received a Master’s in Arts Management. She worked in the Government sector for over ten years before transitioning to Healthcare. Now working in just outside of Boston as a Technical Writer, she lives on the South Shore of Massachusetts with her three cats Julia, Jacques, and Madeline (no relation to the main character of her book).

Nicole is a current member of Sisters in Crime (National and New England) and the Mystery Writers of America. She sits on the Board of Directors for the NE branches of both groups as Social Media Liaison. MURDER AT FIRST PITCH is her debut cozy mystery from Pandamoon Publishing. Book two of the Ballpark Mystery series is scheduled for late in 2020.

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