Blast from the Past: 2019 Genres Read

It’s the second to last entry of my Blast from the Past series! I can’t believe that it’s almost over!

In 2019, I set a goal of 65 books instead of my normal 75 to try and limit myself so that I would go do more things than just read and while I didn’t limit myself to 65 books, I definitely read less than in 2018 by reading 82 books. 

2019 was the first year that I really got into reviewing books on Netgalley (because I finally started getting approved for books!) so there are a good number of those in 2019 (17 of them!) and I had my first partnership with a PR company to review a finished copy of a book, which was super exciting. 

15 of my 82 books were adult romance novels- I definitely started getting better about tracking my romance novels in 2019. I stopped caring as much about what people thought about my reading habits and just cared about making sure I knew what I was reading. 

I read 1 adult fantasy in 2019 (which is weird- I didn’t realize that that number had gone down from the previous years!)

I read 3 contemporary YAs

10 of the rest were YA sci fi and the last 53 were YA fantasy, so overall 2019 was a much better mix of genres. 

In 2019, only 5 of my reads were Bee’s suggestions- I know I suggested a good number of books to her in 2019, so our numbers might be more skewed that way in 2019 (or they were books that we mutually decided on or found on our own and had already put on our lists by the time the other person talked about them).

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