October Wrap Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a wrap up post, but I figured since I’ve been reading so many books lately (I just finished book number 126 yesterday!), I should probably take the time to do a wrap up this month (and added bonus, I’ll finally add the books I’ve read that I haven’t added to Goodreads yet), so let’s get started!

In October, I finished fifteen books. Nine of them were Netgalley e-ARCs and 6 were books from the library. Eight were romance novels, four were YA SFF, one was adult SFF, and two were YA contemporary/romance/general. Ok, now onto the actual list, in the order that I read them in!

Kingdom of Sea and Stone– This was a great book to have started the month off with! I really enjoyed it and it was a great ending to this duology! Read my review here.

In a Holidaze– OMG this probably became my favorite Christina Lauren book! It was so good and I loved Mae as a main character. Read my review here.

Mistletoe and Mr. Right– Ugh I love the Moose Springs books and this one was no different! If y’all haven’t picked these up yet, RUN! Read my review here.

Hush– Hush was an interesting book and I’m not sure how I felt about it yet. I’m definitely going to read book two though whenever it comes out. Read my review here.

The Code for Love and Heartbreak– This one was adorable and if you haven’t read it yet, it’s super cute, and as someone on alllll the dating apps, I thought it was funny to see a matchmaking app/code for high schoolers (especially since your personality changes so many times from high school into adulthood). Read my review here.

American Royals– OMG I had been meaning to read this one for so long, ever since Bee told me I had to, and I finally got around to it when my library ebook copy was available and ahhhh it was soooo good! I cannot wait to read Majesty now!

Not Quite Over You– I loved all of the Fool’s Gold books, so when the Happily Inc. books became a thing, of course I had to read them. Not Quite Over You is Drew and Silver’s book and I love them and Silver’s mobile bars in Airstream trailers that go work weddings are genius.

Meant to Be Yours– Ahhh another Happily Inc. book- I didn’t really have as many (or any) ties to Renee and Jasper, so their book was fine- nothing special, but not like my favorite or anything.

A Golden Fury– I love alchemy, so I reallllly wanted to love A Golden Fury, and it was fine, but not the incredible book that I was expecting based on other reviews I read. Read my review here.

Get a Life Chloe Brown– I really liked this book- I had seen so much about it on book twitter, so I put a hold on it and the sequel, and somehow both of them were checked out to me at the same time, so I was able to read them one after the other!

Take a Hint Dani Brown– I think I may have liked Dani’s story just the tiniest bit more than I liked Chloe’s story- it was so good and now I’m superrrr excited to read about Eve!

Almost Just Friends– I had been on the hold list for Almost Just Friends for over six months before it was finally my turn to read it and ahhh I loved it so much! Jill Shalvis is one of my favorites and she hasn’t disappointed me yet!

Black Sun– Oh man, Black Sun was intense in the best way and I really liked it and I cannot wait to read what happens in book two! Read my review here.

Rescue You– This book was adorable and I love dogs so much, so having a dog rescue in the book always gives you points in my book. Read my review here.

Warriors of Wing and Flame– I started the month with a duology and I ended the month with a duology- this one was also a good ending for a duology and I liked the way Sara B Larson ended this story. Read my review here.

What all did y’all read in October? Anything amazing that you think I need to add to my TBR?

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