ARC Review: Write Before Christmas by Julie Hammerle

Happy Black Friday y’all! This year, everything is different, in that normally on Black Friday (or well, on Thanksgiving night, once all the black Friday sales are really starting), my mom and I used to go to the mall and just walk around, watching people go crazy buying things. This year, we stayed home and watched football and played with the dog and I ordered a pair of boots from Nordstrom Rack for the third time (because the past two times I had ordered them, Rack had canceled my order due to “inventory issues”).

On Wednesday morning (before starting all of my Thanksgiving cooking), I finished another Christmas romance and it was definitely cute! Thank you so much to Entangled Amara and Netgalley for letting me read it early. It wasn’t like the rest that I’ve read recently- Write Before Christmas features older main characters (Matt and Dani are in their 40s) so that was a nice change and it was shorter- so more like a novella.

Write Before Christmas 4/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads: You’ve probably heard of me.
Reclusive fantasy author turned famous when his series got developed into a mega TV hit.
Except now I’m way behind deadline, and the whole world is waiting to see what I’ll write next.
The pressure is getting to me, and I. Can’t. Write.
Cue: small town where people don’t recognize me.
Cue: my assistant insisting on a personal chef to keep me fed and nothing more.
Cue: finding the first bit of inspiration I’ve felt in months whenever she’s around…
Am I a walking cliche now, or what?
Dani Cooper seems to have her own hurdles to jump this holiday season. Newly divorced, looking for her next move. She’s the first person who’s seen me for me in way too long. And I see her, too–as way more than just an employee, a divorcee, a cook. She’s becoming my muse…
But when my Christmas deadline hits, will it spell the end of us, too? 

Overall, I thought that Write Before Christmas was a quick, fun read. I liked how Dani was pulling herself up and becoming who she wanted to be after her divorce (and after her ex-husband left her penniless). Matt was not my favorite character or love interest, but he was fine. I really liked all of the side characters like Una and Kensie and the twins (haha their names made me laugh every time I read them) and Jane- I freaking loved Jane. I’d love to read spin off books about Jane and Kensie for sure. The plot of the book was enjoyable and I didn’t really feel like it ever dragged in a way that was too detrimental to my reading experience. I feel like I would have loved it if we would have gotten some of Dani’s recipes, but that’s mainly because I love cooking and baking and I’m always looking for new things to try. Overall, this was a quick, fun, enjoyable read and if it’s a novella that begins a series for more of the characters that were mentioned within the book, I would be super happy.

One thought on “ARC Review: Write Before Christmas by Julie Hammerle

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