2020 Wrap Up

Man, 2020 was a beast. It was a pretty terrible year overall, but there were some high points- one of the biggest high points was all of the great books I read! I ended up reading 155 books total in 2020 (which is way more than I ever thought I would read), so let’s dive into my wrap up!

So, let’s start by looking at some charts! I love pie charts- they’re so easy to visualize- like before I put my information into these, did I realize just how many ARCs and library books I read in 2020? Definitely not! I also read quite a few books from Scribd and Kindle Unlimited (because I had a nice 2 month free trial to KU haha). In 2021, I’d like to read/listen to more audio books since I did so few of them in 2020.

My 2020 reading by format (36.4% ARCs, 35.7% library books, 8.4% owned books, 3.2% audiobooks, 16.2% Scribd/Kindle Unlimited books)

Let’s talk about my genres read in 2020. I read a ridiculous amount of romance novels in 2020. I didn’t realize just how many I had read until I started listing them out. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, but in 2021, I’d like to be just a little more balanced in my reading.

Pie chart of my 2020 reading by genre (63% romance, 26.6% fantasy, 4.5% sci fi, 5.8% other)

Now, let’s talk about my favorite and least favorite books of 2020 (note, these aren’t in any particular order).

Top 10Bottom 10
LoreThe Kissing Game
Where Dreams DescendSeven Endless Forests
Queen of VoltsLightbringer
In a HolidazeThe Honey-Don’t List
Aurora BurningThe Vanishing Deep
StarsightCowboy Seal Homecoming
The Inheritance GamesNo Offense
House of Earth and BloodBad Bachelor
All These MonstersNumber Neighbors
An Ember in the AshesHungry Like the Wolf

It was so hard to pick my top 10 books from 2020! I read so many great books and there were so many books that almost made the list, but these 10 just nudged out the competition. As for the 10 that I didn’t like as much, there was nothing wrong with them, they just weren’t my favorites, and when you’ve read 155 books, you get to be picky about which ones are your favorites and which ones aren’t.

Let’s do a little bit of a deep dive on some of my favorites and not so favorites- one of the books I read this year that I wanted to love, but I just didn’t like very much was The Vanishing Deep. This book was fine and I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love the book, I just never really got hooked into it, so it was hard for me to want to keep going with it, and that’s probably why it took me most of the year to read (I kept putting it down for other books). One of the books I absolutely devoured and loved so much in 2020 was Lore. I read it in December, but it had been one of my most anticipated books ever since June or July (whenever it was announced) and I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to read it early, but I’m so glad and thankful that I was able to get an eARC for it! It was incredible- the plot was so good and the twist in it was so unexpected and I loved the characters- I’ve always loved Alex Bracken’s writing, so I was fully expecting to really like Lore, but I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did!

Another book I wasn’t the biggest fan of was Lightbringer. After Kingsbane, I wasn’t sure if this trilogy was for me or not, but I thought what the heck, let me keep going with it, especially since I loved Furyborn so much. Well, I was wrong and I really didn’t like Lightbringer. I’m sure some people would love it, but I thought the pacing was off and I wasn’t a fan of the direction it went in. Another book I loved was Queen of Volts. I really enjoyed all of the books in this trilogy and I think that Queen of Volts was the perfect ending. I think Enne and Levi was amazing main characters and I love the twists and turns that the story took us on. I also got an e-ARC of this one, and I’m so, so thankful for the relationship I have with Inkyard press that allows me to get e-ARCs for books I’m super excited about!

Now, let’s talk a little bit about my 2021 goals. At 20 days into the year, I’ve already read 9 books and I’m planning on reading at least 80 books this year. I’m going to be doing more book tours in 2021 (I’m signed up for at least seven right now so far this year) because I love the structure they provide (ya girl is a big fan of structure!). I’m also going to try and write more list like recommendation posts rather than just book review posts, so let’s see how that goes. Here’s to 2021 and more reading in all of our futures!

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