January Wrap Up and February TBR

Man y’all! It feels like January just flew by! Like how is it already February???

January was a month where I read lots of books (15 of them!), but I still didn’t read everything on my TBR, because you know, library books are always coming in and taking over my reading haha of the 15 books I read, 11 were from my TBR and 4 were unplanned, so that’s actually not too, too bad! I owned two of the books I read, seven of the books were ARCS, two books were from Scribd (one audiobook and one e-book), and 4 books were from the library.

Here’s what I read in January:

Tools of Engagement: I loved this series so much and I’m so sad that it’s over! I loved all of the characters in these books so much and their love stories, and everything about them really. I wish we had more books by Tessa Bailey set in this area with these characters/tangential characters!

Crown of Bones: Crown of Bones was a good book and a good way to begin a series. I’m super intrigued about where book two is going to go, so that’s definitely super promising. Check out my review for it here.

Enjoy the View: Ahhhh another series I absolutely loved that I thought was done BUT just this past weekend, I found out that we’re going to have more Moose Springs books!!! Hooray! I really enjoyed Easton and River’s story a lot and it was super cool to read about the mountaineering and everything that goes into it (that was a huge part of this book!)- check out my review here.

Cast in Firelight: I was on a blog tour for Cast in Firelight and I loved it so much! It was such a fun, great book and I’m so excited about book 2 (which comes out next spring I think). Check out my review here.

Red Skies Falling: I had been trying to finish this audiobook for so long and I finally just told my family that I wasn’t to be bothered so I could finish the last hour or so and I did it! Do I really remember too much of what happened in Red Skies Falling? No, but that’s what you get when you’re an idiot and you listen to the audiobook before bed- when I do Gold Wings Rising, I’m definitely going to be changing up my strategy.

The Trouble with Hating You: This was one of the books I grabbed from the library this year (it was randomly available via Libby, so I checked it out because the summary sounded interesting). I liked this one way more than I was expecting to! I didn’t grow up super attached to the Indian community- like sure we went to temple every once in a while and my brother and I danced at the cultural programs yearly, but I didn’t have temple friends and we didn’t have a temple community and I still don’t really have many Indian friends in general, but I know that that’s how a lot of the kids of the diaspora were brought up and how they live now so it was really interesting to see that dynamic and the rot that can grow within it and how everyone isn’t who they seem. This was also a really cute romance novel on top of that, so I was definitely a fan!

A Torch Against the Night: I finally, finally finished my Torch reread in January, and ahhhh there was so much I didn’t remember!!! This makes me even more nervous for my Reaper reread, because I literally remember none of Reaper!

Soul of Cinder: I was on a blog tour for Soul of Cinder and this whole trilogy was intense and heavy, but so good! I really liked it, so make sure you check out my review.

Happy Singles Day: This was such a cute rom-com- and it’s set in one of my favorite places, the Outer Banks! I loved how strong both of the main characters were but also how vulnerable they were with each other and how much they’d been through and ugh just so good! Read my review here.

Shipped: Shipped was one of my favorite books in January! Not only do I love cruises, but I work in marketing and I put work before other things all the time, so I related to Henley (the main character) so much. I would definitely suggest picking this one up (or at least reading my review to know more about why I loved it!)

Ink in the Blood: I’m on a tour for Curse of the Divine (the sequel to Ink in the Blood) this month, so I had to make sure to read Ink in the Blood in January. It was definitely an interesting book and the concept was super cool and I loved the second half/the ending, but it for sure started a little slower than I would have wanted, so we’ll see how Curse of the Divine ends up being.

Payback: Ahhhh I loved this book so much! I love the Vale Hall books in general and I think Payback was the perfect ending to Brynn’s story. If you haven’t picked these books up yet, definitely grab them ASAP! Read my review for Payback here.

From Blood and Ash: I saw so much stuff about From Blood and Ash on bookstagram, so I checked out a physical copy of it from the library sometime in 2020, but I just didn’t have time to get to it, so when I saw that they had it on Libby too, I put in a hold right away and I got it near the end of January and I devoured this book in like 4 or 5 days! It was so good and I already have a hold on book 2 because I NEED to know what happens next!!!

These Violent Delights: These Violent Delights has been everywhere (all over book Twitter anyway) and everyone has been raving about it, so when I saw that I could put a hold in on it at the library, I thought why not? So I grabbed it and while I really liked some elements of it (the monster, 1920’s Shanghai, Juliette Cai in general), I had the hardest time getting into the book and I know it’s 100% because I really hated Romeo and Juliette to begin with. I’m definitely going to read book two though, because your girl loved the ending!

Majesty: Man, what a tough book to end the month on! If Majesty was the 2nd book in a trilogy or a standalone, it would have been so much better than it was, but it completely killed most of the relationships and character development that that author had spent all of book one doing! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading it, but it also just made me so angry!

Now, let’s look at my February TBR!

  1. Well Played
  2. A Reaper at the Gates
  3. A Sky Beyond the Storm
  4. This Golden Flame
  5. The Project
  6. Make Up Break Up
  7. The Cousins
  8. My Sweet Enemy
  9. The Iron Raven
  10. Bloodsworn
  11. Curse of the Divine
  12. Of Silver and Shadow
  13. Paws for Love
  14. The Knockout Rule
  15. Yes & I love You
  16. Down Comes the Night
  17. Phoenix Flame
  18. Into the Crooked Place
  19. The Stolen Kingdom

Nineteen books is more than I expected/planned on reading in February, especially with it being a short month, but fourteen of these nineteen books are ARCs, so they’re kinda time sensitive… I guess we’ll see what ends up happening! What are y’all planning on reading in February? How did your January reading go?

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