February Wrap Up and March TBR

Oh man y’all, where is this year going? I can’t believe that we’re already in March! Updates from February: I tried a bunch of new recipes and some of them were SO GOOD!!! I was a big fan of the ricotta brownies, the mushroom, carrot, and potato barley soup, the taco-seasoning and lemon baked salmon with amaranth chili, and the one pot mushroom, arugula, and white bean pasta (let me know if y’all want recipes for any of these- I can for sure write them up). I watched some fun shows- Luther, The Five, and The Big Day were my favorites. And of course, I read all the books- I read 19 books in February!

I had 19 books on my TBR for February and I read 19 books, so if I had been a little more diligent, I might have been able to actually complete my TBR for the first time ever, but I didn’t. The two books on my TBR that I didn’t finish in February were Down Comes the Night, which I finished on March 1st, and The Knockout Rule, which I didn’t download in time from Netgalley (it came out on February 24th, so I thought I would be able to download it from Netgalley on like maybe the 20th after I had finished one of the other books I needed to read, but it was archived on the 15th, so I wasn’t able to get it on my ipad in time). Instead of those two books though, I read Crave and Crush by Tracy Wolff, because I was able to be a part of the blog tour for Covet! I read them so fast because not only were they super easy reads, they were better than I expected! Let’s get into what I read in February:

  1. The Project– The Project was so good and so creepy and I loved it. It’s about a religious cult and ahhh I’ll just let you read my review to learn more about it- I highly recommend it!
  2. This Golden Flame– I was on a blog tour with Inkyard Press for This Golden Flame and it was such a fun book with automatons and pirates and corrupt government officials. Another recommended book from me!
  3. Make Up Break Up– I got an ARC of this one and I think I had just hyped it up so much that it disappointed me more than I expected it to, which was sad. It wasn’t a bad book, it just was not my favorite. Read my thoughts here.
  4. My Sweet Enemy– Man, as I’m writing this up, I’m realizing just how many ARCs I read in February! My Sweet Enemy was another ARC and it was a super cute one and I really liked it! Read more about it here.
  5. A Reaper at the Gates– Ahhhh Reaper- I finally finished it in February and my second read of it made me love it even more than my first read did. 10/10 for sure.
  6. The Iron Raven- I was on the blog tour with Inkyard Press for this one too and it was my first Julie Kagawa book and I loved it! I’m going to have to read all of the other Iron Fey books sometime!
  7. Well Played– I read Well Met last year and loved it, so I was super excited to read Well Played! I borrowed it from the library and I loved it too!
  8. Curse of the Divine– I was on a tour for Curse of the Divine with Terminal Tours and this was such a great book! I definitely enjoyed it!
  9. Crave– Since I was accepted to the Covet tour (woop woop- my post goes out on Saturday, 3/6!) I had to read Crave and Crush before then! Crave was… interesting- it was a quick enough read that I was glad I did it and I liked the characters, but I wouldn’t say it was good… but it was set in a boarding school and man, those boarding school books always get me haha
  10. Crush– Crush, in my opinion, was somehow way better than Crave was! I was way more into the story and I really liked Hudson and the whole twist around what Grace was and her understanding her powers, so Crush really redeemed the series for me, and now I can’t wait to read Covet.
  11. Bloodsworn– Ashlords was the first book I read and loved in 2020, so I was the most excited to read Bloodsworn and I really liked where the story was taken and let’s be real, Imelda is and always will be the real hero of that duology for me and no one can ever tell me differently. Read my review of it here.
  12. Of Silver and Shadow– I loved Of Silver and Shadow. It was the perfect YA fantasy with so much potential to be built out into a series. I loved the characters, the magic, the monarchy- read all about it here.
  13. Paws for Love– Paws for Love was a cute second chance romance novel, but the best part about it was the fact that there were so many dogs in it! Your girl for sure loves her pups. Read my thoughts here.
  14. A Sky Beyond the Storm– Ahhhhhhhhhh I loved Sky so much and I had so many thoughts about it (and they’re outlined here) and I don’t want this story to be done, but I’m also so excited to see what Sabaa Tahir writes about next!
  15. The Cousins– I borrowed The Cousins from the library and I unfortunately didn’t get to start it until the day it was due, but I was somehow able to blow through it and finish it in a few hours, so that was really nice! It was definitely an interesting book- is it my favorite of her books? No, it’s definitely at the bottom of the list right now, but it was still good, so I would recommend reading it.
  16. Phoenix Flame– Man, Phoenix Flame made me sad. I really liked Havenfall and the world built within it, but Phoenix Flame fell really flat for me and it was 100% because I just didn’t like the main character this time around. Read all about my thoughts here.
  17. Into the Crooked Place– I’m on a tour for City of Spells with Terminal Tours (look for my post on the 9th!), so I had to read Into the Crooked Place first, and OMG it was so incredibly good and it ended in such an amazing place that now I cannot wait to get into City of Spells!
  18. The Stolen Kingdom– Ooo the Stolen Kingdom was a great read and it has such a beautiful cover! I’m obsessed! I loved the magic and the characters and you should for sure check out the book and my review!
  19. Yes & I Love You– Yes & I Love You was an interesting book… I liked the beginning and the end, but I wasn’t really a fan of the middle, so it wasn’t my favorite read. I did like the characters though, so I’m going to read book 2 when it comes out. Check out more of my thoughts here.

Now, let’s talk about my March TBR

  1. Down Comes the Night – I’ve already read this one in March, so I’m counting it as my first entry on my March TBR. You can even already check out my review for it here!
  2. Covet – I’m on the blog tour for this one and my post goes live on March 6th, so I need to be done with it by then for sure. Make sure you come check out my post on the 6th!
  3. Sword and Pen – I have the ebook for this one checked out from the library and I’ve wanted to read it for a while, so I have to make time to read it before it gets auto returned!
  4. Love Lettering – I also have the ebook of this of checked out from the library and it’s due back in 4 days and I feel like if anything gets dropped this month, it’s going to be Love Lettering.
  5. Shadow of Night – I finally reread A Discovery of Witches last year, so now I’m reading book 2 and I have it from the library, so I have to finish it in the next 4 days before it gets returned, but it isn’t holding my attention like I want it to right now…
  6. City of Spells – I’m on a tour for this one and my post is on the 9th, so I have to read it by then.
  7. The Last Secret You’ll Ever Keep – This comes out the 16th and I have an eARC of it, so I’m going to need to read it before then.
  8. Warm Nights in Magnolia Bay – This comes out on the 30th and it’s another one that I have an eARC for, so I need to make sure I read it by the end of the month.
  9. A Court of Silver Flames – Bee and I are planning on reading this one together as soon as she finishes Sky, so I think that’s going to happen sometime this month.

Those are the only 9 I have planned right now. I’m sure I’ll add more throughout the month, but right now, I have nothing else set, and I’m not going to push it since February was such a mess with pushing so hard to get so many books finished as soon as possible. What all did y’all read in February and what are you planning on reading in March?

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