May Wrap Up and June TBR

Oof man y’all, this month has totally gotten away from me! Can y’all believe that we’re already 1/3 of the way done with June?! I’m just glad I’m finally getting this wrap up/TBR done and written haha

Let’s talk about May- I was overly ambitious in my goals and all of the books I checked out from the library and honestly, ever since I started my new job in mid April and I started going back to the gym more, I’ve been reading less and less, so I definitely didn’t read anywhere close to what I had planned/wanted to for May, but I also wasn’t going to stress myself out about reading more, so I’m actually very happy with what I did read!

Here are my reads from May:

  1. Bone Crier’s Moon
  2. Maybe We Will
  3. The Secret Bridesmaid
  4. Unwritten
  5. Ember of Night
  6. Wet and Reckless
  7. A Surrealist Affair
  8. The Soulmate Equation
  9. The Immortal Game
  10. The Crown of Gilded Bones
  11. Talk Bookish to me
  12. The Ivies
  13. Match Made in Paradise
  14. Royal Trouble
  15. Truly Devious

I read some really, really great books in May! Not all of them were my favorites, but I don’t think I actively disliked any of them and I absolutely LOVED Truly Devious, The Ivies, and The Soulmate Equation.

Here’s my plan for June:

  1. The Vanishing Stairs
  2. The Hand on the Wall
  3. The Nature of Witches
  4. Curse of the Specter Queen
  5. Fire with Fire
  6. The Jasmine Throne
  7. Again Again
  8. The Box in the Woods
  9. Sisters of the Snake
  10. Much Ado About You
  11. Spoiler Alert
  12. Tell Me When You Feel Something
  13. To Sir with Love
  14. This Poison Heart
  15. Realm Breaker
  16. Firekeeper’s Daughter

I’ve already read books 1-5 and I’ve started book 6, so I feel like I’m making decent progress on my June list, but we’ll see how things end up going! I already know that this list isn’t exhaustive because I’m definitely adding at least one audiobook to it for when I drive up to see my friend in DC this weekend, but I’m not sure which one I want that to be- maybe Bone Crier’s Dawn? Maybe Illusionary? Who knows!

What did y’all read/enjoy in May? And what are y’all reading in June? Tell me about allllll the books!

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