Blog Tour: Roots of Ruin by Amber Amber Mitchell

Happy Thursday y’all! Today’s my stop on the Roots of Ruin tour presented by Chapter by Chapter and Entangled Teen! Roots of Ruin is the third book in the Garden of Thorns trilogy and it just came out on Monday, so make sure you go check it (and books one, Garden of Thorns, and two, War of the Wilted) out!

There’s also a giveaway associated with this blog tour- a $15 Amazon giftcard!- so go enter that now! That giveaway ends on August 22, so you have a few days to enter!

Roots of Ruin 4/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads:

They did the impossible, but their problems are far from over…

After freeing the Delmarion empire, Rose and Rayce must go to Varsha, the desert home Rose fled when she was a child—the country she’s meant to rule.

Rayce is the new emperor of Delmar, Varsha’s longtime enemy, but that won’t stop him from assisting the girl he loves. Armed with the brute force of Rayce’s military, Rose sets out to free her people from the oppressive rule of the usurper king who killed her father.

But even if they win, how can she be queen to her homeland and in love with the man ruling its bitter enemy? With her loyalties split between heart and crown, Rose must find a way to do the impossible again…unite two kingdoms at war, or sacrifice half of herself to save the other.

Oh this book was such a satisfying way to end this trilogy! I was so happy with the way book two ended, so I wasn’t super sure about how book three was going to go, but it made so much sense for this to be about Rose and Varsha and saving it from the tyrant currently ruling it! I was a little annoyed at home Rayce would just make decisions about strategy or keep things from Rose and she would be like oh, ok, I understand that you shouldn’t tell me this stuff because I’m not in charge but hello! You kind of are! It’s your country! It didn’t really impact my reading, just made me slightly annoyed with Rose/her inability to stand up for herself (but at the same time, it was a smart decision on Rayce’s part because tactically, he knew what he was doing). There were so many twists and turns in this book that I loved- it definitely kept me on my toes! I feel like some of the pacing was a little weird, but overall, not too too bad. In general, a great way to end things and if you liked books one and two, you’ll definitely like Roots of Ruin! Make sure you go grab it today! Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Kobo

About the Author:

Amber Mitchell was born and raised in a small town in Florida. After briefly escaping small town life by attending the University of South Florida where she earned her degree in Creative Writing, she decided to ditch traffic jams and move back to her hometown. There she writes Young Adult novels, usually with a bit of magic in them, rolls D20s with her friends on Thursday nights and enjoys hanging out with her husband and four cats. Her other job involves crafting cardstock in to 3D art and has allowed her to travel all over the US vending at comic conventions which has only increased her love for fantasy and fandoms. She is represented by Nikki Terpilowski of Holloway Literature Facebook | Twitter

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