Summer Wrap Up

Man y’all, I’ve been so bad about wrap-ups and TBRs, which makes me kind of sad, because I generally love wrap-ups and TBRs! Hopefully by doing a wrap-up for the summer (June, July, and August) now, I’ll get back on track and maybe I’ll post a TBR soon too… Besides books, this summer was full of trying new recipes- my mom’s birthday was in July so I made this dark chocolate buttermilk cake with an espresso swiss meringue buttercream that was so good (and so fun to make) for that! I also went to a bunch of great workout classes and prepped for my gym to expand to a second location! We also had a mini family reunion at my aunt and uncle’s house in Northern Virginia and of course, I worked A TON. So all in all, a pretty successful summer!

June Wrap-Up

In June, I read 15 books, which was fewer than I wanted to read, but ended up feeling like a ridiculous amount of books as I was reading them! In general, I liked pretty much all of the books I read, with the Stevie Bell books (The Vanishing Stairs, The Hand on the Wall, and The Box in the Woods) being 3 of my favorite reads and Again Again being one of the ones that I wasn’t the biggest fan of.

  1. The Vanishing Stairs
  2. The Hand on the Wall
  3. The Nature of Witches
  4. Curse of the Specter Queen
  5. Fire with Fire
  6. Much Ado about You
  7. Again again
  8. The Box in the Woods
  9. Legendborn
  10. The Jasmine Throne
  11. Sisters of the Snake
  12. Spoiler Alert
  13. Tell Me When You Feel Something
  14. Ruff and Tumble
  15. Paws and Prejudice

July Wrap Up

In July, I read 13 books, and quantity wise, I’m reading less and less, and it’s 100% because I’m watching too many TikToks these days. I used to spend between an hour to an hour and a half reading before bed every night but now, that time (and more) is being spent on TikTok and that restarted in mid-June or so. Here’s everything I read in July:

  1. Delivered with a Kiss
  2. Eat Your Heart Out
  3. Too Good to be Real
  4. What if You and Me
  5. This Poison Heart
  6. To Sir, with Love
  7. How Sweet it is
  8. It Happened One Summer
  9. Aggie the Horrible vs Max the Pompous Ass
  10. Pirate’s Promise
  11. Undercover Engagement
  12. Small Favors
  13. Heartbreak for Hire

August Wrap-Up

August was the month in which I read the least this year. I was getting so burned out of reading and I needed a little break, so I’m glad I took it. I only read 9 books in August and here they are:

  1. The Dating Dare
  2. The Mismatch
  3. War of the Wilted
  4. Gods and Monsters
  5. Roots of Ruin
  6. Battle Royal
  7. The Endless Skies
  8. Burden Falls
  9. The Witch Haven

So, overall, I had a really good summer book wise (and review wise- all of the links above take you to reviews, so if you’ve missed any, definitely go check them out) and I can’t wait to tell y’all all about my reads for the rest of the year because it’s already shaping up to be a great one!

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