Mid September Netgalley Update!

Happy Thursday y’all! I was hoping to be able to write my Iron Widow review for y’all today, but unfortunately, I haven’t finished the book yet, so we’re just going to have to wait another day on that and instead, y’all are going to be getting a Netgalley update today! I have so many amazing books waiting for me on there (and not a lot of time to read them) so let’s get to talking about all the books I have! Also, side note, my current feedback ratio is 78% and I’m really proud of that haha

Books I’ve downloaded and need to read/review

  1. Eight Perfect Hours- This book comes out on the 28th and I don’t know if I’ll finish it by then, but I mean I can always try?
  2. Lakesedge- This also comes out on the 28th and I’ll also try to finish it by then
  3. Iron Widow- Ah yes, this one came out on the 21st and my goal is to get y’all a review tomorrow!
  4. No Ordinary Christmas- This one also comes out on the 28th and I’m so excited about the Christmas romance season to start for the year
  5. The Inn on Sweetbriar Lane- Another book that comes out on the 28th that I’ll be working to read and review by next week (I’m getting more and more stressed as I write this out)
  6. Shadow of Light- This one doesn’t come out until November 30th, so I have time before I need to read it. I really liked book 1, so I’m excited to read book 2!
  7. Brides & Brothers- This was one of those impulse requests that as soon as I hit request, I was like wait, please let me take it back- I’m sure it’ll be a good book, but with all of the other ones I have to read, I don’t really want to read it anymore. It came out on September 1st, and if I have time, I’ll read it.
  8. Vespertine- I’m on a blog tour for this one (my post goes live on October 3rd) so be on the lookout for my review and favorite quotes then!
  9. Forestborn- Man, I really wanted to read this one before it came out on August 31, but then life got in the way. I fully expect to read it as soon as I can though!
  10. Certain Dark Things- This is another one that I really wanted to read before it came out on September 7th (well, September 7th is what Netgalley says- Goodreads says that it’s been out for a couple of years), but again, life got in the way and I had like 4 other books that I had to read that came out on September 7th
  11. How We Fall Apart- I started this one and it was so good, but other book priorities got in the way of me finishing it, but I fully intend to finish it sometime
  12. Sword Stone Table- I started this one, but I really didn’t like it. I generally don’t like short stories, but because Roshani Chokshi authored one of the short stories, I was like I’m going to do it! I need some time to get into a story and by the time I’m really into a short story, it’s done (or I just never get into it at all). I really wish I had liked it though! Based on the first story in this collection, I think it would be great for people who do like short stories though and the King Arthur retellings are always on point (I think I just wrote my review for it…)
  13. Six Crimson Cranes- Oh I was so excited for this book but time just got away from me, which makes me so sad. I’m going to read this book at some point this year though!
  14. Ace of Spades- I started listening to the audiobook for this and I just… didn’t like it? I know everyone loved this book so much, but I didn’t like it and I read a bunch of reviews and I think maybe I’ll like the book book more than the audiobook, but I’ll have to see.
  15. Firebreak- Ugh I was so excited about this one, but once again, time got away from me! I really either need to stop requesting so many books or I need to stop spending so much time on TikTok
  16. The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice- I never meant to actually download/accept this book- I was on a bookstagram tour for it and we were given the option to download it on Netgalley and I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to read it (because, again, no time), but for some reason, I just clicked the buttons anyway- muscle memory maybe?

Books I need to download

  1. A River Enchanted- Eep this approval just came in and I’m the most excited (you’re for sure going to see that phrase a bunch of times in this section)
  2. Finding Paradise- I got an email from the publicist about reviewing this book and I’m the most excited to read this book because I loved book 1!
  3. Made in Manhattan- I’ve liked all of the Lauren Layne books that I’ve read, so I’m definitely excited to read this book!
  4. Anatomy: A Love Story- I love the cover of this one and it looks super interesting so I’m very excited to read it!
  5. Veil- I really enjoyed Hush, so I’m super excited to read Veil at some point!
  6. The Hookup Dilemma- Awww another cute looking book that I can’t wait to get to!
  7. Love & Other Disasters- This book was on “Read Now” when I saw it and it looked really interesting, so I’m excited to read it whenever I have time!
  8. To All the Dogs I’ve Loved Before- Your girl loves dogs, so I mean I had to grab this one
  9. These Deadly Games- Fun fact, I really wanted to read this one, so I put in a request and I got denied, but then, because I’m on a list, I got an email from the publicist with a direct link to the Netgalley widget for it, so I will 100% be reading this one early now and I cannot wait!!!
  10. Good Girl Complex- I love the cover for this one, so that’s why I requested it.
  11. Daughter- OMG the summary of this one looks so intense in the coolest way. I cannot wait to read it!
  12. Two Houses- The main character’s last name is Gupta and I’m always a sucker for books where the main character and I have the same last name!
  13. Hook, Line, and Sinker- Oh man, I absolutely loved book 1, so when I was approved for this this book, I was the most excited!
  14. When Night Breaks- Oooo another one where I loved book 1 and I’m super excited to read book two! This one’s coming out pretty soon, so y’all should get a review pretty soon too!
  15. All of us Villains- I love Amanda Foody’s other books, so I’m really excited to try this one!
  16. Edgewood- The publicist for this book sent me a link to it and it looks super cool, so I’m excited to try it!
  17. A Far Wilder Magic- The publicist for this book also sent me a link (man, I didn’t realize how many publicist links I get until I put them together like this) and I’m really excited to read it too!
  18. Maybe We Should- I love everything Melissa Foster and I really liked book 1, so I’m excited to read this one.
  19. Duke, Actually- This one looks super cute and I love the cover!
  20. How to Love Your Neighbor- Another one that looks super cute with a really cute cover!
  21. All the Feels- I actually got approved for this one before I read book 1 (I was on the waitlist at the library!), but I’ve since read book 1 and it was super cute, so I’m definitely ready to read this one!
  22. Never Fall for Your Fiancée- This one has such a cute cover!
  23. Luminous- I’ve liked everything else I’ve read by Mara Rutherford, so I’m excited to give this one a go!
  24. Daughters of a Dead Empire- This one looks so good- I cannot wait!
  25. Little Thieves- Love this cover!
  26. A Spindle Splintered- I don’t remember why I requested this one (Book Twitter hype probably), but I’m excited!
  27. Bright Ruined Things- I loved The Tempest, so a retelling of that book is 100% up my alley!
  28. Within These Wicked Walls- I saw so many great things about this on Book Twitter, so I’m super excited to see how this ends up being!
  29. The Keeper of Night- Ahhh this looks so good!!!

Ummmm… I’m trying not to be, but I’m definitely overwhelmed now haha but I’ll do what I can and that’s all that matters! Have you read any of the books on either of my lists? Are you excited about any of them? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Mid September Netgalley Update!

  1. All of us Villains was such a great book… I have a non spoilery review on my blog! Also Lakesedge was a surprise for me.. it has way more layers than I originally thought..so good and I am anxious for book 2. I’ve read quite a few of the others on this list as well

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