ARC Review: Finding Paradise by Barbara Dunlop

Happy Wednesday y’all! Fifteen billion amazing books came out yesterday (Finding Paradise being one of them) and instead of picking one to yell about and review, I got trapped in the indecision, and posted… nothing. Haha today, I made a decisive decision to write a review for Finding Paradise, but be ready for a whole lot of amazing contemporary romances, rom coms, and just all in all cute books to be reviewed in the next couple of weeks! (I might break them up with some fun YA fantasy/sci fi, but we’ll see what I end up reading in the next couple of weeks- I’ve read 2 more romances to review after this one, I started one YA fantasy, and I have like 8 more romances on my list, so we’ll see what happens). As usual, thank you so much to Berkley and Netgalley for letting me read an eARC of this book!

Finding Paradise 4/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads:

Passion heats up in Paradise, Alaska, for two people who couldn’t be more different in this sweet, sizzling romance from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Dunlop.

Accomplished Los Angeles lawyer Marnie Anton has always been sensible, but when her friend Mia Westberg asks for help with a ridiculous matchmaking project, she can’t say no. The idea of transporting city girls into the small town of Paradise, Alaska, is so crazy it just might…work? Against her best judgment, she tags along. Having grown up in a family of intimidating men, Marnie developed a preference for the urbane lawyers and clients in her life in LA. But when she meets a mountain of a buff Alaskan man with an intriguing snake tattoo, intimidated is definitely not the first thing she feels.

Conrad Cobra Stanford was skeptical of the matchmaking event from the start. Big-city women weren’t adventurous, they were judgmental. They’d take one look at him and scorn his lifestyle, just like his first love did. Cobra planned to give the women a wide berth, but one of them won’t be ignored. Marnie’s everything that’s wrong and everything that’s right for him all at the same time. Just when he thinks he’s got her pegged, she blindsides him with a startling past, falling into his arms and igniting his protective instincts and so much more….

Oh there’s so much I loved about this book! Finding Paradise is the second book in Barbara Dunlop’s series about Paradise, Alaska and I loved that this book was about Cobra and Marnie (although I’m still holding out for a book on Raven and Brodie). These cute, small town Alaskan romances are perfect winter reads, so I thoroughly enjoyed it curled up on my couch drinking eggnog, with my Christmas tree up next to me. Barbara Dunlop has such a way with her characters that even when they’re being difficult or stupid or extremely set in their ways, you still want them to win. I loved the addition of the Kodiak Games and Marnie being a part of them and I love how successful the matchmaking trip was- those were two great plot point that really drove the story along. Characters wise, I love everyone in Paradise, so I don’t have anything negative to say about any of them. All in all, Finding Paradise was a great read, and even though some of the elements of the book seemed similar to book one in the Paradise series, they were done in such a way that it didn’t feel stale. I highly recommend reading both of the Paradise books (and any other Paradise books Barbara Dunlop ends up writing) ASAP!

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