ARC Review: The Iron Sword by Julie Kagawa

Happy Monday y’all! Man, I cannot believe that January is going by as quickly as it is! It’s already the end of the month and it feels like the year just began. On one hand, it’s a good thing, since there are so many great books coming out in 2022, but on the other hand, 2023, which used to feel like just a dream is 1/12 of the way closer now. But in terms of books, one of the great books coming out tomorrow, February 1st, is The Iron Sword by Julie Kagawa. This is book 2 in the Iron Fey: Evenfall series and I read book 1 last year and it was super fun. It’s a spinoff of the original Iron Fey series and the Iron Fey spinoff, and the first series of Iron Fey books I’ve read. As always, thank you so much to Inkyard Press and Netgalley for letting me read an eARC of The Iron Sword!

The Iron Sword 4/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads:

As Evenfall nears, the stakes grow ever higher for those in Faery…

Banished from the Winter Court for daring to fall in love, Prince Ash achieved the impossible and journeyed to the End of the World to earn a soul and keep his vow to always stand beside Queen Meghan of the Iron Fey.

Now he faces even more incomprehensible odds. Their son, King Keirran of the Forgotten, is missing. Something more ancient than the courts of Faery and more evil than anything Ash has faced in a millennium is rising as Evenfall approaches. And if Ash and his allies cannot stop it, the chaos that has begun to divide the world will shatter it for eternity.

So going into this book, I hadn’t read the summary, so I expected it to be like book one and be from Puck’s point of view. It wasn’t- it was from Ash’s point of view. Ash is so much angrier all the time and I missed Puck so much. People who had read the other Iron Fey books and were actually tied to Ash might like his point of view more than I did though. It grew on me as I read, but it took a while for me to actually be ok with him being my narrator (like more than half the book)- but that’s just a personal preference thing. It doesn’t impact any of the other things about the book, like the world building, the plot, and the major things that happened. I really like this world. I think Julie Kagawa did a really great job with the Nevernever, and it makes sense because of how many people really love these books. What I like most about them is that you can read this spinoff on its own without having read any of the other Iron Fey books- there’s enough context there. I’m not sure how people who have read all of the books feel (are things repetitive at all?) but I thought it was well done. In terms of the actual plot and everything that happens in this book- there was a lot going on. So much happened, but it all happened at a good pace. I never felt overwhelmed or bored, which was great. And by the end, I was itching for the next book, because man y’all, some things are going to be going down in that next book. Also, I love this cover! It’s so pretty- I think cover artists are so great at their jobs, and you know what, looking at it now, I have no idea why I didn’t automatically know that this was going to be Ash’s book. I mean it’s covered in ice. Overall, I think y’all should pick up The Iron Sword if you read The Iron Raven, because they’re both super fun, great books and definitely worth the read. Make sure you go out and grab The Iron Sword tomorrow when it comes out!

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