January Wrap-Up

Man, I can’t believe that we’re already a quarter of the way through February! It feels like this month just started! January was a busy month for my family- we have a lot of January birthdays plus baby nephew was just born near the end of January, so definitely a lot going on!

But, let’s talk about the important stuff. Books. Here’s everything I read in January:

  1. The Kindred
  2. Rise Up from the Embers
  3. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder
  4. In Every Generation
  5. Sisters of the Vast Black
  6. Daughter of the Moon Goddess
  7. Bound By Firelight
  8. Love and Other Disasters
  9. No Words
  10. Bold Love
  11. Good Girl, Bad Blood
  12. These Deadly Games
  13. Lucky Leap Day
  14. The Iron Sword

Fourteen books in a super busy month is not bad at all! And I think, just based on the metrics that I’m keeping track of, I’m doing a better job of balancing library books and ARCs this year than I was last year, so that’s always a plus! What I’m not doing a great job of is actually publishing the reviews I’ve written for these books- I have four reviews sitting in my drafts just waiting to be published. Can we also talk about how I didn’t have a single 5 star read in January? That’s definitely not normal for me. I had one 3 star read, one 3.5 star read, and twelve 4 star reads. Now, my first 5 star read of the year has already happened, but that didn’t come until February, so you’ll have to wait until my review or my February wrap up to hear about that! How was your January reading? Did you read any of the same books as me? Did you read anything interesting in general? I’m all ears!

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