4 Reasons Why Lightbringer Was Not the Book for Me

Oh man y’all, I’m so sad. I went in to my Lightbringer read with such high hopes because I freaking LOVED Furyborn. It was such a great book and there was so much promise there for the rest of the trilogy to be incredible and for it to become one of my favorites, but Kingsbane dashed those hopes. BUT lots of trilogies suffer from second book syndrome, so I thought maybe, just maybe Lightbringer would be able to bring back everything I loved about Furyborn, but unfortunately, after finishing it last night, I have to say that I just think that this whole trilogy is not for me. *Caveat here! I saw so many people on Goodreads raving about Lightbringer, so if you haven’t read it yet, don’t take my opinions as your own- go ahead and read it! You may love it and think I’m a complete idiot, which is totally fine*

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Review: Lady Smoke by Laura Sebastian

Hello friends! This month has been crazy with travel and work and life and I’ve had no time to write any blogs (well, let’s be real, I’ve started like four blogs, but I haven’t finished any of them and I wrote one for an ARC review, but I’m not planning on posting it until next week because the book doesn’t come out until June 11). I have been reading but reading doesn’t always translate well to reviewing haha

Let’s talk about a book I read (listened to actually) this month that I was very very meh about- Lady Smoke! I enjoyed Ash Princess and I finished reading (again, listening to) it in April, so I started Lady Smoke as soon as I finished Ash Princess- not a great decision…

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