Blog Tour: Dustborn by Erin Bowman

Thank you so much to Terminal Tours and HMH Teen for having me as a part of the Dustborn Tour! I loved the other Erin Bowman books that I read (Contagion and Immunity) and I own Vengeance Road and Retribution Rails, so they’re definitely on my list to read really soon (as soon as I get a break from all of the library books and ARC that I’ve committed to… I probably need to reduce my commitments some…). I love Erin Bowman’s writing style so I was sure I was going to like Dustborn and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Dustborn came out on April 20, so make sure you go grab it now!

Dustborn 4/5 Stars

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Review: Immunity by Erin Bowman

Ahhhh happy release day to Immunity and Erin Bowman! I loved Contagion last year (read my review for it here), so when the wonderful folks at Wunderkind PR and Harper Teen emailed me about sending me an early finished copy for review, I jumped on the opportunity (thank y’all so much!). I finished Immunity in less than two days (work always gets in the way of reading books) and OMG it was amazing!




Immunity 5/5 Stars

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Review: Contagion by Erin Bowman

To preface this review, I don’t generally ever do horror- no horror books, no horror movies, no scary anything if I can help it, so it was really weird that I like actively looked for this book. I’m fascinated with diseases and epidemics/pandemics and the spread of disease, and just epidemiology in general (fun fact, I considered majoring in epidemiology, but then decided that social media marketing was more my style), so when I read the summary for this book, I was intrigued.

Contagion 4.5 stars 4.5/5 Stars

Summary from Goodreads: It got in us
After receiving an urgent SOS from a work detail on a distant planet, a skeleton crew is dispatched to perform a standard search-and-rescue mission.
Most are dead.
But when the crew arrives, they find an abandoned site, littered with rotten food, discarded weapons…and dead bodies.
Don’t set foot here again.
As they try to piece together who—or what—could have decimated an entire operation, they discover that some things are best left buried—and some monsters are only too ready to awaken.

I really enjoyed this book! Sometimes the multiple POVs got a little confusing, but once I got used to it, I was glad that the author decided to do that. There was so much action throughout the book and the premise of how the disease was contracted was so cool! This book kept me guessing and OMG THAT ENDING! Why is July 2019 so far away???

Of all of the characters, I think Nova is probably my favorite. There were so many unexpected things about him, and when I thought I had him and his motivations figured out, another wrench was thrown in and I was back to square one with him. That normally doesn’t happen in books, so I was so excited to actually have that mystery within this book.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book- but be sure to remember that it ends on a cliffhanger and you’re going to want book two right away- so be prepared!

Have y’all read Contagion? What did you think about it?

August TBR

Wow! How is it already August??? The year is more than 1/2 over! When did that even happen?

This month, I’m participating in #ARCAugust with Read.Sleep.Repeat! (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out their sign up page) I don’t actually have too too many unread ARCs (I think I only have like 2?), but they’re ARCs that I got from YALLFEST last year and just wasn’t able to get to. I’ll try to get to them, but I’m really going to try and use this month to knock out some of my real (finished copy) TBR- and so, with that, here’s my August TBR! (Some of these might shift depending on when library holds come in etc.)

Bright we Burn

Never Fade

In the Afterlight

Smoke in the Sun

An Ember in the Ashes*

Throne of Glass*

The Emerald Sea


The Cheerleaders

Dance of Thieves

These Rebel Waves

(* rereads)

Let’s see if I can write reviews for at least 50% of those books…

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