May Wrap Up

This May, I finished 10 books, which is a little less than I thought I would read this month, but War Storm was SO LONG, so that took me longer than expected. I’ve also been sicker than normal this week, so all of that extra sleeping has meant less reading that I would have wanted. I’m aiming for 15 books read in June, so let’s see if I can actually make that happen.

May Reads:

The Wish Granter 3 star 3/5 Stars

A Court of Frost and Starlight 4 star 4/5 Stars

The Traitor Prince 3 star 3/5 Stars

Legend 4 star 4/5 Stars

The Diviners 3 star 3/5 Stars

City of Heavenly Fire 4 star 4/5 Stars

War Storm 4 star 4/5 Stars

Daughter of the Pirate King 3.5 stars 3.5/5 Stars

Sky in the Deep 4 star 4/5 Stars

Daughter of the Siren Queen 4 star 4/5 Stars

Top 3 Books read in May:

War Storm- I love the Red Queen series and I think Victoria Aveyard ended Mare, Maven, and Cal’s story in the best way possible. While this book was super long (over 600 pages!), I think it did a really good job encompassing everything needed to really give a satisfying ending without drawing things out or making things seem too quick and easily tied up.

Daughter of the Siren Queen- I had been sitting on Daughter of the Pirate King for about 7 or 8 months, planning on reading it at some point, just not now, and then my hold on Daughter of the Siren Queen at the library got checked out to me, so I had to start reading them. While I was just ok with Daughter of the Pirate King, I liked Daughter of the Siren Queen so much! I thought that Alosa was a little less self centered and definitely less annoying, and I love Riden in general. I also really enjoyed being able to really get to know the crew of the Ava-Lee. The story seemed to be better paced and it was just a cute, fun summer read.

City of Heavenly Fire This was the month of finishing series for me. Not only did I finally finish the Mortal Instruments Series, but I finished the Red Queen series, all of the currently published Ravenspire books, and the Feyre/Rhys story arc for ACOTAR. I read City of Heavenly Fire as an audiobook on the way to/from work for like 1/2 of the month, and it was so good. Sophie Turner was one of the narrators and I thought that she was an amazing narrator. I liked this as the ending for the Mortal Instruments books, and since I’ve already read the Infernal Devices books and the Dark Artifices books, I loved seeing Tessa and Jem as well as the Blackthornes and Emma. It felt like I was coming back to family.

3 Least Favorite Books read in May: (NOTE: none of these books were bad or even less than 3 star books- they were fun reads and I don’t regret reading them, but they weren’t the most amazing ones I read)

The Wish Granter- I loved the Shadow Queen when I read it earlier this year, so I was so excited to read the other two Ravenspire books. Both the Wish Granter and the Traitor Prince was good books, they were just a lot slower than I expected. They had great plots and were really interesting re-tellings of classic fairy tales, I just wish that they had been a little more plot driven. I loved most of the characters in this book (well, let’s be real, I loved Ari. Thad annoyed me.)

The Traitor Prince- Like with the Wish Granter, I thought that the Traitor Prince was a good book, and I really enjoyed reading it, it just moved more slowly than I would have liked. Rahim seemed like an interesting character, and even though he was evil, I was rooting for him in some parts, because he was so much smarter and more wily than anyone gave him credit for! I also really enjoyed all of the easter eggs from the other books that were sprinkled throughout this one. They really tied everything together and brought me back to the parts of the first two books that I liked.

The Diviners–  I liked the Diviners- don’t get me wrong. There were so many interesting aspects to the book and I learned so much about the 20s, which is definitely a time period that I know pretty much nothing about. There were too many characters that weren’t really explained (I’m 90% sure that’s setting up for the future books, which I’m for sure going to be reading) and so much going on that didn’t really have anything to do with the main story. I can’t wait to have everything tied together in the next book or two.


What all did y’all read in May? Anything you really enjoyed or really did not enjoy?

Dare I Call it Legendary?

Hi friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today, we’re going to talk about a book that I just finished recently: Legend by Marie Lu. This is one of the audiobooks that I grabbed from the library recently. I had heard so many great things about the Legend series, and I loved all of Marie Lu’s other books that I read (the Young Elites series and Warcross) so I was super excited to read (listen to…) this one! Now, on to my review!

 Legend Goodreads|Amazon 4 star 4/5 Stars

Quick Summary : Legend takes place in a dystopian future in which the US has been split into the Republic (where our story takes place) and the Colonies. The Republic and the Colonies are war with each other, and due to this constant state of warfare, the highest class in the Republic are those in the military. One of our narrators, 15 year old June Iparis was born into one of these elite military families. June is also the only person in the Republic to have ever scored a perfect 1500 on the trial (a test taken when residents of the Republic are 10 that decides whether they are able to go to high school and college, enter the workforce, or are sent of to labor camps). Our other narrator, Day, also 15, comes from one of the slums in the Lake sector of LA. Day failed his trial, but instead of being sent to a labor camp, the government tried to kill him. He escaped and is now the most notorious criminal in the Republic. After Day becomes a suspect in the killing of June’s brother (a high ranking captain in the military), June is tasked with what has been impossible for anyone else to accomplish: finding Day. As June works to find Day, and Day works to keep his sick family from dying, they start to uncover some of the secrets that the government is keeping. Maybe everything they’ve believed their whole lives hasn’t been true after all, and maybe the only way to fix things in the Republic is for them to work together.


Overall, I gave this book 4 starts out of 5. It was an interesting read, and I love Marie Lu’s writing style! I do think that I would have enjoyed it more had I been physically reading a copy of Legend rather than just listening to an audiobook, because the narrators’ voices and inflections were not my favorite. I really enjoyed how we got to hear both June and Day’s perspectives with the alternating points of view. I normally have mixed feelings about switching narrators within a book, but I thought it worked really well here. I was also a little confused about how these characters were 15. They seemed more like 17/18 than 15- I honestly thought Day definitely was like 19 until he told June that he was 15.

I think besides the plot being good, this book was really driven by the characters. Not only did I feel drawn into the main characters and their lives, but I also really liked all of the side characters. It felt like there was a lot of thought put into each and every one of them (even Ollie, my favorite dog!) and I really appreciated that!

All in all, was this my favorite book? Not really. Do I recommend it to others? Yes for sure! It may not be in my top books read this year, but it’s definitely one that I don’t regret picking up!

Have you read Legend? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of the book and my review!