May Wrap up and June TBR

May started out as a really slow reading month, but then I went on a trip for work, and man, I ended up getting a lottttt of reading done while on my trip! I ended up reading 8 books in May, and I actually really enjoyed most of them! Read on to see what I read and what I’m planning on reading in June!

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April Wrap Up and May TBR

Man, April went by so fast and so slowly at the same time! The first half of April was great for reading- I finished 5 book!- the second half of April? Not so much. I only read one book in the second half of April! Also, the first 10 days of May went by SO FAST that I wasn’t able to get this blog written and up until now! I’m blaming work.

In April, I read:

The Queen’s Resistance 4.5/5 Stars

Deathcaster 5/5 Stars

Ash Princess 4/5 Stars

Dark Shores 4/5 Stars

Storm and Fury 4/5 Stars

Six of Crows 5/5 Stars

So overall, rating wise, I read some pretty good books in April!

May TBR:

Picking my May TBR has been so hard because I’ve been super unmotivated to read. So far, in the first 10 days of the month, so much has happened in my non-bookish life that reading has definitely taken a backseat (and I’m trying to catch up on Game of Thrones and since I’m super behind, that’s throwing a major wrench into everything). I finished Crooked Kingdom already this month, so yay for one book completed! I absolutely loved Crooked Kingdom (and Six of Crows!), so I’m hopefully going to be writing a review for both of those books soon!

Here are the other books I’m planning on reading this month:


King of Scars

The Evil Queen

Crown of Coral and Pearl

An Anatomy of Beasts

A Discovery of Witches

Once A King

I’m going on a work trip later this month, so we’ll see how much reading I can get done during that. What all are y’all reading this month?

Mid April Update

Hello friends! April is a little more than halfway done, so I figured that it was time to post my mid April update!

Let’s talk life updates first- the main thing that has pretty much taken over my life in April has been work. I got a new role in early March, and ever since then, I’ve been working late and over the weekend pretty often. It’s definitely cut into my time for doing other things like reading and being healthy (aka working out and cooking).

Now onto the main event!

So far this month, I’ve read 5 books, which is definitely pretty good for such a busy month! Here are the 5 that I’ve completed:


The Queen’s Resistance

Ash Princess

Dark Shores (eARC from NetGalley!)

Storm and Fury (eARC from NetGalley!)

Currently, I’m reading three books- one audiobook, one eARC (wooo NetGalley!), and one ebook from the library. I should definitely be finishing these three before the end of the month:

Lady Smoke (audiobook)

Once a King (ebook from the library)

The Evil Queen (eARC)

What have y’all read so far this month? What all are you planning on reading the rest of the month??