2020 Wrap Up

Man, 2020 was a beast. It was a pretty terrible year overall, but there were some high points- one of the biggest high points was all of the great books I read! I ended up reading 155 books total in 2020 (which is way more than I ever thought I would read), so let’s dive into my wrap up!

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5 Books to Read while Waiting on Election Results

It’s Election Day in America and man y’all, this election is a big one. Not only are we voting for a new president, a lot of states are voting for local representation, and in North Carolina, where I am, we’re voting for our Governor and one of our two Senators- and they’re important races (we can help flip the senate if we vote Thom Tillis out!), and as usual, we’re a battleground state. We’ve been a swing state that leans slightly red for as long as I can remember, but we’re always close, so we always get lots of visits from both candidates and their entourages and this year was nothing different. But, that ends up leading to a lot of stress around election time, and this year more than others. I know people all over the country are feeling the same way, so I put together a list of 5 of my favorite books to read to take your mind off of the election for a little while.

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Blog Tour: Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody


OMG y’all- thank you sooooooo much to Inkyard Press for asking me to be a part of the Queen of Volts blog tour (and their Fall Reads Blog tour in general)! And thank you so much to Inkyard and Netgalley for letting me read a copy of it early! Queen of Volts came out last week, on September 1st, with about a million other books, so make sure you go check it out! I absolutely loved Ace of Shades and King of Fools, so I knew I was going to love Queen of Volts, but did I know just how much I was going to love it? Definitely not. Now, just as a warning, since Queen of Volts is the third book in this trilogy, there are going to be spoilers for books one and two in my review, so if you haven’t read Ace of Shades or King of Fools, one, what are you doing? Go read them now! And two, you probably don’t want to read my review for Queen of Volts. 

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