Social Distancing Reading Update March 23

Hey guys, as the corona virus spreads throughout the world, here in North Carolina, we started implementing social distancing last week and my office told us to work from home starting last Monday and things have been… harder than expected. I thought I’d be able to have fun and hang out at home, read all the books, learn some new hobbies, stuff like that- instead I’ve been working for pretty much my full 8 hours every day, my dog has been freaking out multiple times a day because he wants his independence and alone time back, and there’s no time for anything else pretty much because I’m exhausted after work. (Now, I don’t want any of this to sound like I’m complaining too much, because I’m mostly healthy, and while I do have asthma, it’s not bad and I’m taking really good care of myself and I’m super privileged that I don’t have to go into work or work crazy hours, so I know it could be worse and I’ve heard the horror stories and I’ve talked to the people working at the grocery stores when I go out to replenish supplies, and they’ve been seeing the worst in some people recently.)

BUT the main topic of today’s blog is my reading update for this time of social distancing! Read More »