2021 Recap: My top 15 favorite reads of 2021

It’s time for another edition of my 2021 recap! I mapped out exactly which posts I’m going to make to finish my 2021 recap and I’m excited about all of them, so hopefully y’all enjoy them! We’re going to start with a classic: my favorite reads.

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2021 in review: Overall reading stats

Man y’all, I’m thinking through all of the 2021 review blogs I want to write and there are a lot of them, so I think I’m going to create a series for them- hopefully I’ll be done by the middle of February, but who knows how quickly I’ll be able to write them (and the middle of February is of course assuming I publish like one a week).

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ARC Review: The Kindred by Alechia Dow

Happy Tuesday and happy release day to The Kindred (and so many other books- seriously, this year looks so amazing book wise)! Thank you so much to Inkyard Press and Netgalley for letting me read an eARC of this one- I was really excited about it based on the summary, but this just wasn’t the book for me (unfortunately) BUT keep reading to see why, because the reasons I wasn’t the biggest fan of it could be the reasons you love it. I definitely think that there are a lot of people who are going to love The Kindred, and even though I wasn’t a huge fan, I still recommend reading it!

The Kindred 3/5 Stars

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Update: Books left to read in 2021 (and beyond)

Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone had a great weekend (whether you celebrate Christmas or not- my family celebrates the commercialized version of Christmas where we get each other gifts, but we’re not Christian, so we don’t do any of the religious aspects). The weather was gorgeous here all weekend, so we spent a good amount of time outside (my dog loved running around in the backyard, terrorizing the squirrels). All of that family time and enjoying the outside time meant one very important thing though- no time to read! I have quite a few books I need to catch up on (lots of books sent to me from Forever and Grand Central Publishing that I need to read and review) and I have a good number of books to get ahead of for 2022- 3 of my ARCs come out on the 4th and I have 7 that I need to read for the 18th, plus I have 6 books checked out from the library, and there are some backlist ARCs that I was hoping to get to before the end of the year, so lots of reading to do!

Let’s talk through the books I’m (hopefully) going to be reading in the next week (so through January 3rd, which I know goes into 2022, but shhh, for this exercise, I’m going to count them):

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ARC Review: The Excalibur Curse by Kiersten White

Happy Monday y’all! Ugh I hate how the last few working days before a vacation always seem to drag on so much longer than they should- I’m off for the rest of the year starting Wednesday and I want it to be here now! While the days have been dragging, you know what else has been dragging? Reading! I’ve had the hardest time staying interested in the books I’m reading and I can’t tell if it’s because I’m not enjoying them (well, with this one, that was the reason, but you’ll read all about that later) or if it’s just because everything is going so slowwwwly! Anyway, thank you so much to Delacorte Press and Netgalley for letting me read The Excalibur Curse! This is the third book in the Camelot Rising series and I loved books one and two, which I why I was super excited to read it (and very disappointed when I just didn’t like it).

The Excalibur Curse 3/5 Stars

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ARC Review: Shadow of Light by Molly E Lee

Happy Tuesday y’all! I 100% thought I had already reviewed this one, but I guess that’s what happens when I read too many books in a short span of time. Anyway, Shadow of Light came out on November 30th and is the sequel to Ember of Night and if you’ve read Ember of Night, I think you’ll enjoy where Shadow of Light took things! As always, thank you so much to Entangled Teen and Netgalley for letting me read an eARC of this book!

Shadow of Light 4/5 Stars

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November Wrap-Up

Man, I can’t believe that we’re already in December and this year is almost over! OMG! I’ll do a full year wrap up either at the end of December or at the beginning of January, but man, thinking back over the whole year is going to be super fun.

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Blog Tour: Killer Content by Kiley Roache

Happy Monday y’all! Today’s my stop on the Killer Content tour with TBR and Beyond Tours! Thank you so much to TBR and Beyond Tours for having me on this tour and to Underlined/Penguin Teen for sponsoring it! This book was super interesting, especially when thinking about influencer culture and the rise of influencers in general- plus I waste so much time on Tik Tok these days, that reading a murder mystery centered around Tik Tok influencers was super fun!

Killer Content 4/5 Stars

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October Wrap Up

Happy November y’all! October was such a busy month, but I still felt like I read a good number of great books that I can’t wait to go over with y’all! Besides books, this month I cooked a lot, Laddoo (the pup) had to go to the vet and get on new itching/anti-allergy meds, and my brother and sister-in-law had a giant baby shower. My baby nephew is going to be born in January something (his due date is the day before my birthday!) so we’re super excited! Now, onto the books.

In October, I read:

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