October and November Recap

Oof I have been really bad at posting recently so I haven’t done a recap post in so long! My October and November were so bad in terms of reading- I only read 8 books in 2 months, which is honestly kinda sad, but thankfully, they were all good books, so yay! I also went to Yallfest again this year, which was amazing as usual (I’ll hopefully be writing a recap up soon).

The books I read in October and November were:Read More »

ARC Review: The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi

OMG thank you SO MUCH to Wednesday Books and NetGalley for letting me read the Silvered Serpents so early! It doesn’t come out until September 2020, but man, y’all need to pre-order it now and wish for September to get here faster.

The Silvered Serpents 5/5 starsRead More »

ARC Review: Fireborne by Rosaria Munda

Thank you so much to Netgalley and  G.P Putman’s Sons Book For Younger Readers for giving me the opportunity to read Fireborne early! I hadn’t really heard too much about it, but when I saw it was a read now book for 24 hours, I had to jump on it. It’s pitch as Game of Thrones meets Red Rising and I love both of those, so I was really excited to read it!

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Review: Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim

Ahhhh I follow Elizabeth Lim on Twitter and as soon as she announced Spin the Dawn (and pitched it as Project Runway meets Mulan), I was hooked. I entered all of the ARC giveaways and tried my luck at getting a copy via NetGalley to no avail, so when I saw that my library had purchased a copy and I could be the first person on the hold list, I jumped at the opportunity. When I checked out the book, I also checked out The Traitor’s Kingdom, so it definitely was in great company. Unfortunately, I hit a reading slump (which really was more of an influx of extra work at my real job and me finding a cycle studio that I’m obsessed with, both of which meant less time for reading) so I wasn’t able to finish the book before I had to return it to the library- BUT my subscription to Scribd came in clutch because they had the audiobook version of Spin the Dawn ready to go for me! Woop Woop!

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August Wrap Up and September TBR

Man, August was not my best month reading wise (and I can’t even think of a reason for why!)- I only read 6 books in August. They were all pretty good though, so I can’t really complain. And ugh, September has not really been my month yet (which is why this wrap up and TBR post is 10 days late) – we’re 10 days into the month and I’ve only read 1 book!

Here’s what I read in August:

The Traitor’s Kingdom – Ahhh I’m obsessed with this series and I LOVED this book!!!!

The Kingdom – The concept of the Kingdom was so interesting and I really enjoyed reading it! I’m super excited for book 2!

Spin the Dawn – Ahhhh I loved this book! Be on the lookout for my review soon!

Gravemaidens – Gravemaidens was a really interesting book and a great debut for author Kelly Coon. Be on the lookout for my review closer to when the book comes out!

Vow of Thieves – I loved these books and this world and honestly everything about it- what a great end to this duology!

A Thousand Fires – This was a book that wasn’t on my radar until I saw it on NetGalley and requested it. It’s really different from other things I normally read, but I still really enjoyed it. Be on the lookout for a review closer to the release date.

Here’s what I want to read it September:

The Silvered Serpents – Technically, I’ve already finished this and it was SO GOOD!!!! I cannot wait for y’all to read it! I’ll be reviewing this one in the next few weeks or so!

Rage – Ahhhhh I loved Roar so much so I’m really looking forward to reading Rage!

Bloodwitch – I love the Witchlands books and I read Sightwitch a couple of months ago, so now I’m finally going to get to Bloodwitch.

King of Scars – Will this be the month I finally read King of Scars? Maybe!

Crown of Feathers – I’m listening to the audiobook of Crown of Feathers right now and it’s so good! I only have about 2 hours left, so woooo almost done!

Fireborne – I have an e-arc of this one from NetGalley, so I hope I’ll be able to read it this month.

Five Dark Fates – Ahhhh it’s finally time to get back to my favorite triplets! I can’t wait to see what this final installment has in store for us!

What all are y’all planning on reading in September?