Blast from the Past Series: My 2017 Genres Read

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday and welcome to another edition of my Blast from the Past series! I hope everyone’s been having a great week so far- mine has been pretty average, so I can’t really complain, but if y’all follow me on my bookstagram, y’all will know that I went to the orthopedist yesterday and I can gradually start getting out of my boot over the next 3 or so weeks! Woop woop! I’m so excited to finally go back to normal! Now, let’s go back in time to 2017 and talk about the genres I read.

In 2017, I read 93 books. Of those 93, two were Harry Potter books for Harry Potter trivia with my brother, sister in law, and cousins (spoiler alert, we didn’t do very well- there were about 50 teams and we were in the top 25% of the 50 teams, but man, people really know their Harry Potter!), so those count as Children’s Fantasy, so that’s genre #1.

Genre #2 would be adult fantasy and I’ve got another 4 books there, so that leaves us with 87 books. All 87 of those books fit into the YA realm. 

2 of the remaining 87 are contemporary YA romances (super cute ones, if I do say so myself- and both of them tied to Chapel Hill in some way). 

The other 85 are all a mix of YA fantasy and sci fi, which, let’s be real, does not surprise me one bit since it’s definitely my most read genre. The number is a little surprising, but I already know that 2018 is going to be higher.

Let’s talk about why I read what I read- a good number of my fantasy picks were influenced or directly recommended by Bee- 23 of them, to be exact. That’s almost a quarter! I’m sure almost a quarter of her list was influenced by me too, so I’m not surprised there haha. 2017 was also the year I really started looking at book twitter and bookstagram for recommendations, so some of the others are from there too. Five random reads came because I picked up a couple of books in a series or two from the dollar store. And it looks like a lot of the rest were just books that were available at the library, some on the new book shelf some as ebooks, when I had nothing else to read. Also, shout out to the Chapel Hill Public Library- it’s one of the main reasons I’m able to read as much as I do! 

Any guesses on what my 2018 is going to look like? Any idea what your genre breakdowns normally look like and if they’ve changed over the years?

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